Often, the maxim that 'you get what you pay for' is true when it comes to budget phones; however, BT shows its competitors how its done with their brilliant new budget phone - Studio 4100 Plus.

 "Good phone! I would recommend this phone. Well worth the money!" - Customer Review

How do the features compare with more expensive phones? We investigate!

9989At the end of the day, a bargain is a bargain, but what makes a real steal is when the quality supersedes our expectations.  Business owners, for example, know that great communication with clients is the backbone of success.

In order to achieve this, a phone system should not only be reliable, but it should also offer an array of features that will effectively help organize calls.

After our own inspection of the BT Studio 4100 Plus, we can confirm that the model is designed to tackle advanced call requirements with its conference call, free internal handset communication and Caller ID. Additionally, the phone boasts the much needed Call Transfer mode to ensure that calls get to the right person without being lost.

These features are essential for good business and the BT Studio 4100 Plus accommodates this along with pleasant hold music for the Caller Waiting mode.


How much does the BT Studio 4100 Plus cost?

You can find this model from as little as £24.99. For those with multi-phone requirements, the BT Studio 4100 Plus is also available as a twin set.

Anything else we should know about this phone?

There are many features that the BT Studio 4100 Plus has to offer, however one of the phone's biggest qualities is its effortless easy use. For those who are not confident with phones, there is little to fear with the model's jumbo button setup and keypad confirmation tones.

To make life even simpler, users can store up to 50 contacts. In doing so, the owner can make use of the Caller ID feature while no longer needing to dial from scratch.

Our Verdict

This is a true bargain at its best.