Nearly all prospective parents include baby monitors in their shopping lists. While they are not absolutely necessary, baby monitors provide parents with peace of mind, knowing that they will always know when their little one is in distress.

Baby monitors typically comprise of two units: one device located in the baby’s room and the other wherever the parent is, allowing them to hear or view the baby. When shopping, there are several things to consider, including the brand and special features:

  • sound quality,
  • video capability,
  • availability of motion or temperature sensors,
  • night-vision,
  • talk-back capabilities,
  • and range of transmission, among others.

Some of the top brands include BT, Samsung, Philips, Tomy, and Motorola.

Standard Baby monitors

BT employs DECT technology in their baby monitors, providing secure and interference-free channels with a range of up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors. The BT baby monitor 250 has a variety of useful features, like the ability to play polyphonic lullabies, intuitive night-light that changes colour to alert you of temperature changes in your baby’s room, HD sound and sound sensitive LEDs that alert you of the sound sensitivity settings, so you can hear every gurgle, breath, or snuffle that your baby makes.

Convenient Functions

The talk-back feature in BT baby monitors, like the BT Baby Monitor and Pacifier, allows for two-way communication, so your baby can hear your voice when he/she is disturbed.


The nightlight feature is also quite useful, as it projects enchanting images onto the wall or ceiling, while playing lullabies, to soothe your baby to sleep peacefully.

Digital Video Baby Monitor

Some baby monitors, like the BT video baby monitor 1000, come with a large LCD colour screen, allowing you to not only listen to your baby, but also view him/her. The BT 1000 comes with f

our cameras that allow you to watch your baby from multiple angles, or assess different rooms simultaneously on the 2.8-inch display.

A Travel Baby Monitor

Some baby monitors offer an intuitive way for parents to stay connected to their little ones when travelling, using their iOS mobile devices. The BT Smart Audio baby monitor, for instance, requires you to download the free BT Baby App so that you can listen to your baby on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPod wherever you go, provided there is mobile Internet or Wi-Fi. This baby monitor allows you to connect up to six iOS devices, and you can listen on three devices simultaneously. Other accounts can be linked to the unit, so other individuals, like babysitters or grandparents, can use their own iOS devices to listen.

With technology becoming an integral part of everyday life, there is a wide range of wireless and online baby monitors that allow you to monitor your baby via smartphone, tablet, or PC. This is a useful feature, as you can record your baby, and upload the video to social networks.