So many choices, so little time. You've probably already had the experience of looking to buy a product only to find a series of virtually identical models apparently separated only by their model number. Sometimes these new versions have great feature improvements and stellar new technology just below the more-or-less unchanged surface. Other times, newer versions merely provide the excuse for a higher price tag.

The BT Baby Monitor 200 and its numerical successor the BT Baby Monitor 300 are an example of this – except they are both at the same price point, so we can rule out an attempt to squeeze a little more out of a new model.

spotthedifference (l-r) BT Baby Monitor 200 and BT Baby Monitor 300

Taking A Closer Look – Whats New In The 300?

In an attempt to sort this out, we would normally just take a look at the features and note the differences and their implications. But when we peruse the specs of the BT Baby Monitor 200 and the 300 version, we find the pretty identical features across the board. Same DECT backbone, same high definition sound, both include nightlight, talk-back, out of range and LED sound level indicators.

...there is very little in terms of new features that the 300 brings to the table

One notable addition to the 300 model  is the ability to power the parent unit from mains power. With an adaptor the parent unit can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet for charging. Aside from this there is very little in terms of new features that the 300 brings to the table.

A Few Improvements

Mum_largeAlthough the BT Baby Monitor 200 and the BT Baby Monitor 300 have all of the same controls, the buttons themselves have been updated a bit on the 300. The aesthetic of the 200 one incorporated a sort of “flat button” which is functional, but a bit less responsive than the more traditional buttons employed on the BT Baby Monitor 300. We see this in both the 200 and the 300 model. This design change impacts the look and feel of the device, so it can be an important distinction for some users.

So Is It Really 'Better'?

An honest appraisal of the BT Baby Monitor 200 and the BT Baby Monitor 300 will lead to the conclusion that they are pretty much identical. Fortunately for us, both are pretty superb baby monitors which include all of the must-have features incorporated into a slick and user-friendly design. Each has crystalline high definition audio, a great wireless range and reliable construction. The BT Baby Monitor 300 may include some more updated components, but it unlikely the typical user will ever really be able to note the difference.

Ultimately it really comes down to taste. Do you prefer the look and feel of the 300 to the 200 model? Or are you more intrigued by the BT Baby Monitor 200's minimalist flat aesthetic?