With so many baby monitors, your purchasing journey is far from straightforward. Audio baby monitors may be DECT, analogue, or digital, and you can now find an entire range of video monitors and some that feature sensor mats. If you are not sure where to start, BT has a nice range of audio monitors, and the much anticipated new baby monitor from BT, the BT Baby Monitor 300, is now available to order.

BT is a household name, so you can expect good quality from the brand, be it a phone or baby monitor. Being at the forefront of the digital revolution, BT produces an assortment of hi-tech accessories, like the recently upgraded and released BT baby monitor 300. This model replaces the older 250 version, which was criticised for having a very short battery life.

BT300_largeGreat features

That said, the 300 boasts an impressive charge life of 18 hours, good signal, and 50m indoor range and 300m outdoor range. The 300 is designed to give you peace of mind whilst you are away from your baby, owing to its Hi Definition (Hi-dS) sound that lets you listen to every breath, gurgle, or cry from your little one with great clarity.

Equipped with DECT digital technology, the BT 300 offers 120 dynamic channels, a portable parent unit that allows you to roam around the house or garden, and an out of range alert that lets you know when you are about to get out of range of the transmitting unit, you will never have to be concerned if you are close enough to listen in to your baby’s room.

The BT Baby Monitor 300 is also equipped with a nifty two-way talk back function so you can hear when your baby is wake, and at the same time, let him/her hear the sound of your voice instantly and remotely. The baby unit also has a “find” button so it can be easily located when you can’t remember where you put it.

While the BT 300 does not have a video monitor, it has an in-built thermometer and adjustable nightlight so you can find your way with ease in the nursery. It is important to note that the baby unit has to be plugged into a mains power source constantly to function, and has no back-up option in the event of a power cut.