BT have a lot of success with their range of easy-to-use cordless phones equipped with call blocking; with the BT 6500 becoming the fastest selling like for like BT phone on record when it was released last year. They are hoping to build on that success this year with their latest release - the BT 8500 - set to replace the family friendly BT Aura 1500.


BT 8500Research conducted by Ofcom found that landline users recieve an average of two nuisance calls a week; with live marketing calls accounting for the largest proportion of these, followed by silent calls, and recoded sales calls. The BT 8500 will boast the same call blocking functions as its predecessors, which enables users to prevent calls from 'International' and 'Withheld' numbers (as well as numbers without Caller ID). There will also be the facility to block up to 10 specific numbers to put heed to any nuisance calls from known numbers too.

Additional features will include an integrated answering machine on the base with a recording time of up to 30 minutes, a name and number phonebook to store up to 200 contacts, and a handsfree loudspeaker. The handset will be equipped with a large user-friendly backlit display, illuminated keypad, and impressive battery life.


The release date of the BT 8500 is yet to be confirmed but is expected next month. A full review will be posted upon release, and the Single, Twin, Trio, and Quad are all available for pre-order now. However, if you're persistently pestered by unwanted sales calls and need something now; take a look at and read what our customers have to say about the BT 6500.