Since video baby monitors became a practical and affordable option, their popularity has exploded the world over as parents find themselves able to monitor what their children are doing far more effectively than old school audio baby monitors ever allowed.

With this explosion of popularity has come a huge range of features and interesting innovations to the field.

In this article, I'm going to highlight what is unequivocally the best video baby monitor we have come across so far: the BT 7500 Lightshow.


Getting The Job Done

In terms of knowing whats going on in your nursery, it is hard to beat the view provided by the BT 7500. HD sound and a high quality camera put your eyes and ears in the room whenever you turn your attention to the parent unit, which also displays temperature and sound level.

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You can even pan, tilt, and zoom the camera at will with a simple tap on the parent unit. If properly setup, the BT 7500 has the potential to provide a complete view of your child's room when using panning and tilting.

But How is the Video Feed Displayed?

This is where the BT 7500 truly excels in its field. Unlike many other video baby monitors which offer parent units with tiny screens and lots of buttons cluttering up the unit, the BT 7500 makes brilliant use of touch screen technology to offer a 3.5” colour display with almost double the resolution of most video baby monitor parent units.

Easy to use and allowing the entire interface to be an interactive device, the touch screen gives you an exceptional feed from the camera and an intuitive way to control the device.

Equipped with a battery meter and an out of range sensor, the parent unit lets you know if you need to return the rechargeable parent unit to its charging station or get closer to stay within its 50 meter indoor, 300 meter outdoor range.


Day or Night

Equipped with infrared night vision technology, the BT 7500 provides a great picture even in complete darkness. This allows you to keep an eye on your baby while they are resting without disturbing them at all!

The BT 7500 has more features designed for the night time, such as its soothing light show. Displaying playful, colourful, cartoonish renderings of stars and planets, the light show adds a gentle ambiance or an entertaining nightlight to any child's room.

Compliment the light show with a selection of one of the 7500's 19 lullabies with nursery rhymes and classical favourites to choose from, and you have an audio visual experience entertaining your baby – all from a baby monitor!

An Affordable Selection with All the Bells and Whistles

The BT 7500 brings to the table everything a top of the line video baby monitor has to offer for less than £200.

It is difficult to argue with the exceptional quality – especially at such an affordable price tag. There is little on the market that can compete with the range of features and capabilities of the BT 7500, making it our best video baby monitor here at liGo.