We’ve been anticipating it for months – and now it’s here. The new BT 6500 hit the market this week amidst claims that it has the power to rid your life of nuisance calls. That’s something we just had to look into further, so as soon as the new model arrived at our offices we dropped everything to bring you our review of BT’s latest offering and whether it can really live up to the hype. Intrigued? Read on…

Why have BT brought out the 6500?

BT 6500 TwinPicture the scene. You’re looking forward to a lazy lie-in after a hard week at the office. You’re planning a romantic little tryst with you better half. The baby’s asleep after hours of fussing and soothing. You’re ill, you’re entertaining friends, you’re in the bath…

And then the phone rings. Unable to believe anyone’s been tactless enough to disturb you during your “me time” you answer it with gritted teeth. Only to be hit with the most irritating of all scenarios. It’s a forcibly cheerful salesman. Records show you’ve had an accident and you’re entitled to compensation! Apparently. Or – even worse – you’ve been dragged away from whatever you’re doing in order to listen to a pointless automated message, or even a silent call.

At liGo we love phones. But we’re no fans of nuisance phone calls. 71% of us have to endure them, according to recent statistics from Ofcom. What’s more, up until now there has been very little you can do to effectively tackle the problem. Why? Because there’s a new trend amongst marketers (in particular those naughty PPI Claims people who really do go for it when it comes to cold calling). Now they’re calling from withheld or international numbers. Currently that’s not something the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) can handle. So even if you’ve taken precautions be very sure about it; you’re not safe from nuisance calls.

Enter the BT 6500 with answerphone and nuisance call blocking. It will block up to 80% of nuisance calls, BT says. Retailing at £69.99 for one handset or £129.99 for 4, is it worth the money?

What’s good about the BT 6500?

Well, it certainly has the functionality. A nice handset design with clearly visible LCD screen and easy to follow menu means that configuring the handset up is pretty straightforward – if a little time consuming. You’ve got all the normal functions you’d expect – 30 minutes of message recording, hands free, contact records and the ability to copy contacts between handsets. But in addition you can:

  • Block up to 10 specified numbers: (handy for when a company REALLY won’t leave you alone. Or, indeed, if you’re avoiding the unwelcome advances of an ex-partner or unwanted suitor).
  • Set up a list of VIP numbers: make sure you never miss those you want to speak to by adding their numbers to a preferential list – which also means that you can…
  • Set to do not disturb mode: What’s clever about this is that, even when the phone’s set not to ring, it will still recognise your VIP numbers, so that you know you’re not going to miss anything important.
  • Set parental controls: You can block and unblock outgoing calls to premium rate numbers – that’s seriously useful if you have expensive teenagers hanging around, or a toddler who likes to “play phones”.


Plus, of course, the handset will block all withheld and international calls (unless you add them to your VIP list, for instance in the case of overseas relatives). So yes, it probably is fair to say this handset has the capacity to eradicate 80% of nuisance calls from your life.

Are there any snags?

Hmmm…well, very few really. It does, of course, follow that if you want a comprehensive defence against cold callers you’ll need to buy a handset to cover every phone position in your house. Plus you’ll need to invest some time and care into your initial settings to make sure your loved ones don’t think you’re trying to ignore them!

As the product beds in we’ll keep a close eye on it and let you know how we think it’s performing over time. But, all in all, this is a nice response by BT to a really annoying problem that we can all relate to.

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