If you're looking to add a bit of interesting character or a little retro flair to your home, some of the fantastic offerings from the Wild & Wolf company might have just what you desire. Their selection of retro home phones take classic designs and super-charge them with modern components for a wonderful user experience and an appealing classic aesthetic.

The Scandiphone

With the Wild & Wolf Scandiphone we find a faithful reproduction of the classic “scandiphone” design, a somewhat off-the-wall take on the corded phone. It incorporates the phones base and dialling keypad onto the bottom of the device, making it an all-in-one seamless minimalist device. The Scandiphone looks neat on any counter or desktop with its unusual geometry and bright glossy plastic finish.


The Trim Phone

Yet another non-standard and visually intriguing offering from the folks at Wild & Wolf, the Wild & Wolf Trim Phone departs from some of the standards so commonly observed among classic phones like the smooth lines and gentle curvature of the Scandiphone.

In place of this seemingly ubiquitous geometry, the Trim Phone features a sharp angular design combined with a retro look and colour scheme. Highly functional and definitely not something one sees everyday, the Trim Phone will surely be a conversation starter in any home.


The 746

Based on a massively influential device, the Wild & Wolf 746 is a design which was widespread across Britain in the 60s. Used as one of the primary workhorse telephones seen in post offices across the country, the 746 will be a memorable sight for just about anyone who spent some time in professional environments nearly anywhere in 1960's Britain.

Updated with modern components, the 746 is a faithful aesthetic reproduction, although the rotary dial mechanism has been swapped out for a modern touch tone dial.


The American Diner Phone

The Wild & Wolf American Diner Phone is a serious classic – the kind of phone unwaveringly associated with the 1950's American diner scene, an American icon. Depicted in art and film nearly since its inception, this is a design filled with personality and interesting character. On offer from Wild & Wolf is an exacting replica of this classic and iconic piece of American history, which is completely functional and looks beautiful in any home.


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