A new way to boost mobile reception and save money

Mobile and internet advances have given us unprecedented real time contact across the globe. But when things go wrong our love affair with technology can turn into a love-hate relationship. For the 92% of adults in the UK who own a mobile, one of the most common and frustrating issues is poor mobile coverage, especially in the home.

If you’ve ever found yourself hanging out of the window or running to the bottom of the garden just to pick up a call, then there’s a new solution on the market. Not only can liGo Bluewave boost mobile reception, it’s also guaranteed save you significant cash on your landline calls.

What causes poor mobile coverage?

At the end of the day, many causes of poor reception are beyond your control. By far the most common factor is the “dead spot” phenomenon. This means that your location isn’t near enough to a mobile phone antenna to achieve the mobile coverage you need.

boost mobile reception with liGo Bluewave

That’s fine if you’re on the move – but when the dead spot occurs in your own home it can turn into a significant problem. After all, you’re not going to move house just to boost your mobile signal. But you don’t want to have to live with the inconvenience of not being able to use your mobile where you choose.

How do I boost mobile coverage when my home has a dead spot?

liGo Bluewave

There are a number of signal boosting tools out there – but none of them actually eliminate the root cause of the dead spot. liGo Bluewave turns the problem on its head. It allows you to connect up to 3 bluetooth enabled mobiles to your handsets via a small, discreet hub. That means that you can simply position your mobile in the spot where you know reception is strongest, and handle your calls through whichever handset you happen to be near at the time.

What’s more, because you can also make calls with any handset you can forget about expensive landline rates and make maximum use of the free minutes your enjoy on your mobile tariff. It’s a matter of minutes to install and connect the hub and you can get started for as little as £100. Check out our customer review videos to see just how easy it is to get started. Then just order your hub, plug in and connect, and you’re good to go!