Since its launch, the Siemens SL565 cordless phone with bluetooth functionality, has been one of the most popular phones in the UK. For some, however, this is a little more than they wish to spend on a cordless phone

We're now delighted to announce the arrival of the new Gigaset S685 cordless with bluetooth. This is an upgrade to the S675 with the added benefit of bluetooth connectivity. Its pricing point is such that a twin model can be purchased for around £100.

With bluetooth connectivity on your home phone you can:

Quick exchange of contact data:
The new Gigaset cordless phones can receive address book data as vCards from another Bluetooth product such as a mobile phone or even a laptop. You can also send contact info to another Bluetooth device.

Call using a bluetooth headset:
You can pair any of the above phones with a Bluetooth Headset. This will enable you to take incoming calls directly on your headset, and some phones (the Gigaset SL560/565) allow you to call contacts in your directory using the integrated Voice Dial feature – hands-free. A wide selection of compatible bluetooth headsets are available here.

Synchronise data:
You can synchronize contact data with your PC wirelessly using the free Quicksync software (you can download it here). You can even download ringtones and pictures to your cordless phone.