If you do not mind using a larger Bluetooth headset, the Plantronics Voyager Legend is a comfortable and feature-packed headset that is undoubtedly one of the best on the market today. While it is bigger than many other Bluetooth Headsets, the Voyager Legend features a refinement of an award-winning design that works, offering exceptional comfort for all-day use, brilliant sound quality, and enhanced hardware controls for easy and convenient use. In fact, it feels like a lot of thought and attention to detail was given to this headset. So, what makes it so marketable?

Build Quality

Like previous models, the Voyager Legend is made entirely of plastic, though it also features some rubber accents around the ear loop to give it a good fit. While slightly smaller than the Pro HD, it is still quite large for use by those who are not particularly interested in looks, like for desk or driving purposes.
The Plantronics Voyager Legend is more expensive than others, but with a 2-year warranty, you are paying for quality. This headset features P2i nano-coating technology which provides liquid repellent properties that make the headset reliable to work through sweat, rain, and even beverage spills.

Sound quality

Previous versions have had impressive noise cancelling, though the extra mic has further increased the voice clarity and eliminated background noise, allowing it to keep the speaker’s voice clear even in extremely noisy environments. Actually, the Voyager Legend features precision-tuned triple microphones that isolate speech from up to 80dB’s of background noise, while the enhanced Windsmart technology delivers 3-layers of wind protection for clear calls so you can roam into any environment with the assurance and confidence that every word will be heard with absolute clarity.

The Voyager Legend also employs enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for a more natural voice sound. In addition, the wideband audio with capabilities for noise cancellation also promotes clearer audio over PC telephony, while Plantronics’ Soundguard technology ensures listening comfort and acoustic limiting for protection against audio spikes.

Users especially like the improvement of sound quality over a cheap Bluetooth headset.

Advanced Features

Voyager LegendAs a Bluetooth headset, it pairs to your smartphone. Owing to Plantronics’ smart sensor technology, the Voyager Legend does not connect to your mobile phone like other headsets. Instead, it users the sensors located in the headset to detect when you put in your ear, allowing you to give it voice commands.

If you have the headset on all the time, it will announce to you when a call comes in, and you can simply say Answer or Ignore. What is even better about this feature is that if the caller is someone in your contact list, it will whisper to you the person’s name, and you can choose to answer or ignore. This is basically one of the advancements that Plantronics has had with this headset, allowing the user to issue a lot of commands and interact with it while it whispers info back to you. For instance, it communicates to you when it is connected to a phone, its battery life, and other kinds of information.

Besides the great features that make the Plantronics Voyager Legend ideal for mobile professionals who need quality wireless communications anywhere they take their work, this Bluetooth headset also allows online personalisation for the language, sensors and a host of other settings using a variety of tools, including the Plantronics website, app, or Update tool.