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Hadrian's Wall Path, England

One of England's National Trails (of which there are 15 in England and Wales,) the Hadrian Wall path is a breathtaking journey following along the lines once guarded and maintained by ancient Romans. Hadrian's Milecastle_39_on_Hadrian's_Wall_2Wall was established in AD 122 under the rule of Roman Emperor Hadrian.

The massive wall spanned over 80 Roman Miles (or 117.5 kilometres) and while the exact motivations behind its construction are the subject of scholarly debate, one thing is inarguable: the landscape it was constructed on is truly stunning.

Lose yourself in the vast country side as you follow the trial which was once divided by Hadrian's Wall. Along the way, many sections of the wall still exist along with old Roman fortifications and plenty of historical sites. Spanning the entire island of England, the Wall runs from coast to coast and along the way showcases a huge range of incredible scenery.

There are plenty of side trails and off shoots, and since it spans over 100 kilometres there is plenty to see with multiple days worth of hiking for anyone who wants to walk it all. With such a rich history, it is unsurprising the location has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cotswold's Way, England

Cotswold's Way is 164 kilometres of beautiful, picturesque grass lands, resplendent in a verdant green practically year round. Making its way through the limestone hills between Chipping Camp den and the city of Bath, Cotswold's Way is the perfect place for a pleasant stroll or a long easy hike.

Southern Upland Way, Scotland

Spanning 340 kilometres coast-to-coast across the south of Scotland, Southern Upland Way is reputed to be both a visually stunning and physically challenging trail. Along the way, adventurers will be treated and challenged by forests, mountains, stunning wildernesses beautiful and potentially dangerous. Not for the faint of heart, this trek will definitely be something to remember for a lifetime, and an incredible way to see the Scottish country side wild and untamed.

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