Headphones are an integral part of everyday life for millions of people across the globe. Yet even though they are all more or less wearing the same device (some speakers on their head) and doing more or less the same thing (probably listening to music,) headphones manage to find themselves in a huge range of environments and on the heads of people doing all sorts of things.

Be it sitting at home listening to an audio book or watching a movie, providing the soundtrack for a work out at a gym, helping an employee get through their shift, as an audio companion on a run or hike, headphones work themselves into all sorts of situations.

To reflect the many situations headphones find themselves, there are quite a few options on the market which lend themselves to helping their users accomplish whatever specific task it is they happen to be wearing headphones during. Helping you find the best choice for your specific needs, we've assembled this breakdown of the best headphones For Running, For the Gym, and For Noise Cancelling.

Best Headphones for Running

Jabra Sport Rox best headphones for running

When it comes to running, you want something cordless and lightweight which enables maximum range of motion and leaves you free and unencumbered by wires or bulky head phones. For that reason, we've selected the impressively minimalist Jabra Sport Rox Wireless Earbuds as the Best Headphones for Running.

Weather-resistant, dust proof and shock resistant, the Jabra Sport Rox are rugged and ready to stand up to run after run. Wireless functionality uses BlueTooth to communicate with your smart phone or MP3 player, and the earpiece includes buttons to control music playback or answer/drop calls. The Sport Rox even includes a microphone so you can take calls from a smart phone without stopping your run!

The in-ear design of the ear buds is exceptionally stable and perfectly suited for running as no amount of jostling seems to knock it free when properly inserted.

Best Headphones for the Gym

jabra sport best headphones for gymWhen it comes to hitting the gym, probably the main thing to think about with your headphones is the amount of sweat they're going to be exposed to. If you're getting a proper work out, it is going to be quite a lot! Therefore, something durable and able to stand up to heat and sweat without batting an eye is necessary. Our pick is the Jabra Sport Corded.

The Jabra Sport is extremely durable and features a corded design. It will hold up no matter how sweaty your work out gets, and the cord is plenty long and flexible enough to provide for a full range of motion while you exercise.

Best Headphones for Noise Cancelling

Backbeat Pro best headphones for noise cancellingSometimes you just want to shut the world out and immerse yourself in some tunes. Next time you head for a long flight or the construction crews come to your neighbours house, put on a pair of Plantronics Backbeat Pro's and get away from it all.

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Featuring top of the line noise cancelling and a wireless BlueTooth design, these exceptional headphones courtesy of Plantronics pack an impressive auditory experience sure to make revisiting your  favourite albums a delight. You will find it easier than ever to get lost in the soundscapes thanks to the virtually unrivalled in quality noise cancelling which truly puts you into a private sonic world all your own.

Wrapping it All Up

Not quite finding what you're looking for here? There are plenty more headphones to choose from over at the liGo store. Maybe you need something for your office use, for high fidelity video game sound, a cheap pair of beater headphones, or something else entirely. With so many options, there has never been a better time to pick up a pair of headphones for yourself no matter what you plan on doing with them!