8500_largeSome of the newer cordless phones are designed to stand in for your mobile phone, while others allow you to switch between VoIP and landline. British Telecom (BT) is among the top companies trying to keep pace in a market filled with internet-based and wireless devices, and BT 8500 is a must-have home phone, considered the best call-blocker phone yet.

Top 3 features of BT 8500

The BT8500 is one of the phones that feature TrueCall technology, which was introduced in early 2009 in the form of a little box known as a TrueCall device that screened and blocked calls, allowing you to receive calls from only those you wanted to talk to.

1. Advanced call blocking features

BT took the TrueCall technology and streamlined it, removing the extra box, cable and power, so that the technology could be built discretely into the small-sized base unit of the BT 8500 cordless phones. The technology also received a few tweaks that simplified the way users set up call screening by simply pressing the numbers 1-to-4 when handling calls.

If you are not familiar with TrueCall technology, it serves as a call guardian to your phone that allows you to intercept numbers not included in your contact list, whilst allowing the saved numbers to come straight through. This feature requires any caller not on your list to announce their name before the calls goes through to you, so you can choose the ones to accept or reject. Besides unknown numbers, the technology also works on up to 1000 blocked numbers, including withheld, mobile, international, and payphone numbers. You can even block numbers by suffix or area code.

nuisancecalllogo2. Built-in answer phone

Besides call-blocking, the BT 8500 comes with other features that you expect to find in a good cordless phone, like an integrated answer machine that provides storage for up to 60 minutes of messages. You can choose a pre-recorded greeting or customise your own, listen to messages in private via the headset, or play them on the hands-free speaker. You can also choose any order to listen to the messages using the 1.8-inch display.

3. Freedom to move

With a range of up to 300m, you can carry on conversations on the BT 8500 around the house and even outside. The hands-free option allows you answer calls and multi-task, while the 21-hours of talk-time and 310-hours of standby time allow you to comfortably make long calls without feat of disconnection.

Customer feedback

Senior users with an ex-directory number are particularly pleased with BT 8500’s call blocking feature since they can now counteract sales calls and other nuisance calls. They also appreciate the inward-facing buttons since they reduce the incidence of accidentally pressing undesired numbers, while their large-size buttons are helpful for those with clubbed/large fingers. Besides the great button function, the BT 8500 has other fantastic design features, like the stylish look and feel, large screen that makes reading easy, and the option to change the background colours.

Expert opinion

The BT8500 is a great feature-packed phone with a textured back for comfortable and extra grip. It also runs on two AAA rechargeable batteries with exceptional life when fully charged. The buttons offer great feedback, the call quality is exceptional, and each phone socket can be used with up to four headsets, so you can receive calls in different rooms. Overall a very solid choice: