The Bluetooth Headset is a highly useful little bit of our modern communications technology. It allows for a very unrestricted means of keeping in touch thanks to its wireless nature and extremely small size. Bluetooth Headsets also tend to display a high degree of compatibility among different devices. Bluetooth enabled devices can include desk phones, cordless phone systems, smartphones, computers with Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions and more.

Below, we'll examine some of the highlights of two of our favourite Bluetooth Headsets here at liGo. These selections are  geared towards use with the PC or smart phone.

The Jabra Motion Office Wireless UC Headset Jabramotion_largev

The Jabra Motion Office Wireless UC Headset is jam packed with excellent features which go a long ways towards providing a fully integrated calling experience. It is compatible with a range of devices, including deskphones, soft phones and similar VoIP solutions, smartphones and even tablets, all wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Designed for hands-free operation, the Jabra Motion is designed to keep its users in motion and busy with the task at hand, not distracted by their phones interface. Answering a call can be done using your voice if the device is equipped, or adjusting the foldable frame. If you aren't wearing the device, an incoming calls can be answered simply by picking up the headset and putting it on. To ensure a quality calling experience, the Jabra Motion even monitors the background noise to intelligently modulate the volume level to always allow you to hear whats coming through. The microphone also features noise cancellation, to block out any unwanted background sounds from being sent to the other end of the line.

With a range of 100 metres, the Jabra Motion has plenty of range to keep you in touch as you move around your home or office. It's an ideal solution for anyone who frequently switches between devices, because it allows for a single integrated headset for all your communications needs.

Plantronics Voyager Legend UC Headset

Voyager LegendThis offering from Plantronics has a wide host of features to make this headset ideal in any location. With startlingly impressive sound quality thanks to its built in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, the Voyager Legend provides crystal clear communications on both ends of the line. It is aided by quality hardware such as the precision tuned triple microphone design, which combined with DSP noise cancelling and Plantronics WindSmart technology allows the Voyager Legend to function well even in exceptionally noisy or stormy conditions.

Ideal for streamlining your communications devices, the Voyager Legend is compatible with a range of devices including computers and smartphones. It allows you to handle all of these devices through a single channel, letting you answer calls no matter the source from a single device. Voice alerts feature even lets you get data from your mobile smart phone device read to you through the headsets, like caller identification and other information.

Rounding off the experience is Plantronics Smart Sensor technology, which enables the Voyager Legend to automatically detect if it is being worn by the user and affords them several call handling functions simply by taking off or putting on the device.