Since its original release way back in 2008, Google's Android operating system has made itself at home on a variety of platforms and empowered huge innovations in the world of smart phones, tablets, a huge range of mobile devices and now even made its way to the home phone. The operating system has benefited from its open-source nature, making it easy to develop for and even easier to release apps, tweaks and other neat things which allow Android devices to be ever changing platforms.

As of 2013, Android became the highest selling operating system, as well as the most used overall mobile operating system. Its popularity and friendliness to developers has given it a wealth of features, apps and possibilities, all accessible from different Android devices. Below, we'll examine three selections from the liGo catalogue of the best home phones which feature the Android operating system.

SL930A_3Siemens Gigaset SLA930A Touch Screen Cordless Phone

The Siemens Gigaset SL930A is Gigaset's first foray into the Android realm, and it is definitely an intriguing device. Packed with all the functionality of a full feature Android smart phone, the SL930A is a more than proficient Android device, playing host to all of the features of a smart phone. Browse the web, watch YouTube videos, update your Facebook status, check the news, or even access Skype all via the phones built-in WiFi.

And of course, Google Play is ready to be probed for any apps or features you might desire. All of this is accessible via the phones 3.2” capacitive touch screen, which can be swiped and tapped for easy access to all of the SL930A's features. Which include all of the standard features of a quality home phone: integrated answering machine, caller identification, call log, address book and much, much more. It also incorporates some of the neat features familiar from smart phones, such as ring tones and address book pictures.

iDECT Smart 64

iDECTsmart_largeMuch like the SL930A above, the iDECT Smart 64 immediately resembles a smart phone much more than a traditional cordless phone. This is largely due to the handsets highly responsive 4 inch capacitive touch screen. Incorporating Android Jellybean 4.2.2 as its backbone, the phone has access to all of the wonderful treats and must-have utilities present on Google Play.

The Smart 64 presents itself as more than just your typical cordless phone. Instead, it aims to be a highly equipped digital utility for around the house. It accomplishes this quite well, integrating all the features demanded of a standard home phone with all the perks of a smart phone (even a camera,) and offering the ability to integrate and serve as a variety of different devices such as part of a baby monitor or security set up thanks to the open nature of Android.

BT Home Smart Phone S 2

As the name implies, this selection is BT's attempt to create a device which brings all of the utility of a smart phone into the home device, replacing typical cordless DECT phones with their latest and greatest evolution. Operating on WiFi to handle all of its internet-based features like Google Play or browsing the net, the BT Home Smart Phone S 2 is easy to connect to your home network to access the world wide web. But it operates on sound, tried and true DECT protocols to handle typical phone calls, providing a stable connection even should the WiFi fail.BTsmartphoneS_large

Offering a neat, sleek look, the BT Home Smart Phone S 2 has a 3.5” touch screen display and runs the Android 4.2 operating system. Incorporating 2 gigabytes of storage space, the S 2 even has plenty space to store photos taken from its built in camera or hold some music.

An Android smartphone as your home phone - what's not to love?