We've all found ourselves interrupted by a nuisance call: a telemarketer calling to advertise, business calls on off-hours, harassing phone calls or even well-meaning friends who decided to call you at just the wrong moment. Fortunately, there exists a range of phones which integrate nuisance call blocking features, designed to keep the phone from ringing when you don't want to receive calls. Whether you want to block a specific number or disable all incoming calls for awhile, there are options available to accommodate your needs.

Below, we'll take a look at three of best phones offered here at liGo with exceptional nuisance call blocking capabilities.

The BT 8500 Cordless Digital PhoneBT8500_large

With the BT 8500, we find a full-featured cordless phone with integrated answering machine and several stellar nuisance call blocking features. The BT 8500 performs its basic phone duties quite well as a DECT device, offering great range and exceptional call quality. But lets take a closer look at just how it manages to divert unwanted calls.

One of the neatest feature of the BT 8500 is its Call Guardian feature. When Call Guardian is enabled, anyone who calls your BT 8500 will be asked to state their name. The BT 8500 records their name and plays it back before you answer the phone. Upon hearing their name/recording, you can choose to answer the call, drop it, or send them to the answering machine.

This is a powerful call screening device, especially when combined with caller identification. The BT 8500 can also be configured to block calls from unknown or withheld numbers, so you always have a good idea of whose calling. Specific numbers can be blocked as well, or the phones Do Not Disturb feature can be enabled to block all incoming calls for a duration or until it is disabled.

C620ASiemens Gigaset C620A Cordless Phone

The Gigaset C620A Cordless Phone is a feature rich offering from Siemens. With Gigasets HSP protocols, the C620A offers the top shelf call quality and crisp audio expected from Gigaset products. It also features a notable talk time of up to 26 hours, but the reason we find it on this particular list is its nuisance call blocking features. The C620A has an easy-to-manage blacklist of up to 15 phone numbers, which can be permanently prevented from calling.

Time controlled call silencing is also available on the C620A. When enabled, all calls will not activate the phone’s ringer for the specified duration. The handsets screen will still illuminate and offer you the chance to answer the call, but the ringer will not sound until the duration is up.

Panasonic KX-TGH220kx-tgh220_large

This offering from Panasonic is a great way to a decent cordless phone with nuisance call blocking features on a budget. Overall, the KX-TGH220 is a fairly straightforward cordless phone, with integrated digital answering machine. The nuisance call blocking features take the form of a 50-number blacklist to prevent specific numbers from calling, as well as the ability to block incoming calls from withheld numbers.

Nuisance call blocking capabilities simply make your life easier and allow you to enjoy an evening with your family without annoying interference.