Although epilators have been around for awhile, they have not really gained too much mass popularity. Though a relatively common item, epilators have never risen to come anywhere near rivalling the veritable hair removal monopoly of the razor blade, and never quite gained the reputation of waxing.

Despite this, these easy to use devices offer some advantages over shaving and have become affordable and readily available across the globe.

Epilation 101

Epilation is the process of removing hair directly from the roots – that is, grasping it and yanking it out. Using this literal definition, waxing is a form of epilation, but since the rise of the epilator, the term epilation has been more commonly used to describe the action of using an electric epilator.

Though using an epilator might sound a bit painful, there is some consolation for the extra ouch. Hair grows thinner at its top than at its roots, and shaving cuts off the thinnest parts of the hair leaving only the thickest. In contrast, epilation removes the hair completely and effectively allows the hair follicle to reset itself and start over, growing a completely new strand of hair, instead of continuing to grow a severed thick stump of its former self.

The result of this is smoother, thinner hairs which are less noticeable and visible when they grow back. But more than that, the time it will take for the hair to grow back after removal is much more substantial than the time it takes for a shaven hair to grow back up to visible size. After removing hair with an epilator, it can sometimes take weeks for it to resurface! So while it might be a bit more painful than getting a close shave, it can be much more infrequent as well.


The Reliable Epilator

Even the fanciest razor blades dull and become unusable after awhile. Modern epilators, in contrast, contain no parts which need to be routinely replaced or serviced. If kept clean and used properly, an epilator could last quite awhile and potentially save you literally hundreds or even thousands of pounds on razor blades.

You'll also find yourself saving time (which, as they say, is money) as an epilator tends to be much more efficient with each stroke than a razor, letting you get out of the washroom quicker.

Gone For Good?

It appears that epilators actually have the capacity to substantially reduce hair growth and possibly eliminate it completely over the area it is applied to if used for long enough. This is because once the hair is removed, it can only regrow so many times before ceasing to grow – eventually the hair just sort of gives up, leaving an empty follicle unable to sprout new hairs.

In this way, the epilator offers a way to actually remove your hair in a semi-permanent manner. This phenomenon was observed in studies of people who used epilators for multiple years.


Try it Yourself!

Whether you prefer a good shave or an occasional wax, the epilator might be a great way to supplement your everyday routine. Give it a try yourself and see if epilation suits your style.