Bakers beware, liGo is getting festive! We’ve introduced you to a lot of great apps and fabulous new technology this year; now we thought we’d offer you some help with those delicious Christmas goodies. We have some great apps to do just that.

And if you don’t know what to have for your Christmas pudding yet, here is a foolproof recipe from BBC Good Food that will help you create a delicious, classic Victoria sponge cake. It’s so easy to alter the flavours by adding vanilla, chocolate, or even mulled wine spices.

cakeulator appCakeUlator

The CakeUlator is a great app for recipe pricing and quoting, for all those small (and bigger!) baking projects! It’s available for both iPhone and Android devices, and even allows you to price projects for things like bake sales, so you know exactly how much profit you’re making.

perfectbakeappPerfekt Bake

This excellent little iPhone and Android compatible app connects to a special scale, and gives you precise instructions without any measuring! You can even personalise each recipe by telling the app just how many biscuits you’re baking. The handy pantry feature gives you a list of recipes you can make with the things you have at home.

kitchen calculator appKitchen Calculator

The Kitchen Calculator app (sadly only available for iOS devices at the moment) lets you convert measurements. Perfect for when you find a recipe you love on the internet, and it calls for measurements you’re unfamiliar with (or for when you don’t have a scale at hand and need to convert everything to cups!)

mary berry bakes appMary Berry Bakes

A great recipe app by a great British baker – what more needs to be said? For £2.99 you can purchase the app by Random House and enjoy 70 of her recipes with brilliant colour photographs. Combine that with the Kitchen Calculator and you have a fairly foolproof Christmas baking plan!

drunk dial no appDrunk Dial NO!

And for those holiday nights when you had a little too much mulled wine with your cake (or baked into your cake, we won’t judge!) There is the iOS app Drunk Dial NO! or the alternative DrunkBlocker for Android devices. Because nobody likes a billion Bridget Jones-esque messages that read “Berry ChrismesIloveyou.”