Compared to a few years ago, significant improvements have been made in the phone business. There are so many designer phones that surpass the basic function while offering something of a fashion statement, like the Panasonic KX-PRS120 cordless phone. Key features include:

  • Error-correction system to help deliver clear phone conversations
  • Advanced TAM – answer machine so you never miss important messages
  • Baby monitor – smart baby care
  • Noise Reduction

The KX-PRS120 is a premium cordless home phone that combines a modern design with lots of clever features, including talking caller ID, nuisance call barring, and noise reduction to provide fantastic performance that is a cut above the rest.

Slim and sophisticated design

With its simple but elegant and modern design, the KX-PRS120 will fit in with any contemporary interior, while its slim, compact design optimises comfort in your hand. It comes with a 2.2-inch TFT colour screen that makes it quick and easy to access any menu option you need, and the subtle surface variations on the keypad differentiate each key so you don’t press the wrong one. The cool black and white colour combination makes it stand out so you can spot it with ease if you misplace it.


Call barring

With the KX-PRS120, you can block unwanted junk calls. The call barred list has a capacity of 100 phone numbers that will be blocked whenever they call you. When unwanted callers call you, the KX-PRS does not emit any sound to the caller, and disconnects the call.

Detect lost items

The KX-PRS120 comes with an optional Key Finder/Detector that is attached to items that are often misplaced, so you can use your handset to find them easily and fast. You can even see the proximity of your lost item on the TFT display, plus both the Key Detector and handset produce a beep when searching to make it easier to find.

In Conclusion

The KX-PRS employs Noise Reduction to reduce some of the background noise from the other side of the conversation. This is great is you are talking to someone in a busy or noisy environment since your KX-PRS120 will isolate their voice, making it easier for you to hear.