Every year people all over the world make resolutions. For the past million years mine have been to be thinner, start going to the gym, procrastinate less, and write loads of stuff. Well I’ve exponentially expanded like a sponge in water, I do frequently start going to a gym (note the word “start”), and… I’ll finish the rest of this list later, ok?

In all seriousness though, everyone’s resolutions for 2015 should include one thing: to stick to resolutions! Here at liGo, we have a few apps that may just help you (and me!) achieve that goal:


Vouchercloud is a free, award-winning application for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices, and could be what you need to save up to your next holiday in 2015!

The app uses your phone’s GPS technology to find deals and discounts near you. You select the offer you want, and the voucher is downloaded to your phone as soon as you click on it.

Neat little extra? Vouchercloud is available in the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Malta, so be sure to use it on your travels too.



Here it is, the world’s #1 walking app (available for iPhone, Android, and even Blackberry!) If the thought of fitness makes you want to crawl under your bed in a onesie and rock yourself into a weeping puddle of sadness, MapMyWalk is a good way for you to start exercising.

The free app uses your mobile phone’s built-in GPS to track your movements, and announces distance and speed milestones. You can listen to music at the same time, track goals, and identify popular routes. For the more advanced, there is also MapMyRun.



The free Evernote app (again, for both iOS and Android) could be just the thing you need to organise your life in 2015 (or, you know, now!) Evernote allows you to take notes, collect articles and pictures, manage receipts, plan travel, and turn business cards into digital contacts by taking a photo of them (remember CardMunch?)

So if you’re looking to expand your career in 2015, or want to delve into something new altogether, Evernote might be just the right app for you.



Commit runs on both iPhone and Android, and is the epitome of a New Years resolution app. At £1.99 the premise of the app is simple, enter your goals, and track each day you “commit” to doing them.

In their own words, “To really get good at something you need to do it everyday.” Commit helps you form those good habits and reminds you when you’re tempted to break them.


Spending Tracker

The excellent Spending Tracker is available (for free!) on both iPhone and Android devices. This simple app allows you to enter what you earn and spend, and thereby track your expenses, set budgets, and start saving money. It’s that simple, and takes about five minutes to set up.

For more advanced, automatic tracking you could also try OnTrees (iPhone only) or MoneyDashboard (iPhone and Android), however both these apps require your to enter your banking data, while Spending Tracker is manual.


Whatever your goals may be for 2015, here at liGo we wish you a happy, healthy New Year! Thank you for being such great customers and readers, and may your resolutions be successful ones (with or without the help of apps!)