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We are inspired to hear the groundbreaking news that mobile phone manufacturer T-Mobile, creators of the G1 mobile – world’s first commercially successful mobile phone to incorporate the Google Android platform – are now planning to introduce a top quality cordless home phone with Android operating system.

Details of the new phone remain highly confidential, but according to recent reports in the New York Times, “T-Mobile will broaden its Android push beyond smartphones to include a home telephone.” It is likely that the new cordless phone will plug into a docking station and have another device to synchronise data while recharging the battery.

World's first home phone with Android - tipped to hit market this year

There are market rumours that T-Mobile plan to introduce their revolutionary new home phone before the end of this year. This anticipated expansion of Android into everyday communications devices, such as home phones, looks set to turn the home phone market in a whole new direction - with other top cordless home phone manufacturers likely to follow suit.

The Google Android platform relies on open source SDK software that is free for system developers to download from the Internet, allowing them to build new applications upon Android–powered devices. With this great technology now being so widely accessible, it looks like only a matter of time before there is an explosion of Android-platform communications devices, including cordless home phones, on the market.

Android integrates with your favourite Web applications

A home phone with Android-platform will allow you to access the same favourite Google Internet applications currently enjoyed on your PC. The Android phone will synchronise with your PC or laptop to ensure that all information is constantly updated and Android-powered home phones will allow many of their key functions to integrate with Google applications at a click of a button. E.g. personal contact information in your home phone will link instantly with Internet applications, such as Google maps, to display where each contact lives, etc.

A whole new generation of cordless home phones with Android is now literally only a ‘click’ away from becoming a reality and we look forward to being able to offer you this revolutionary technology as soon as it arrives.

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