According to a consumer survey, about 79 percent of consumers experience poor voice quality when communicating with a business, which essentially makes call quality issues a major setback for businesses. The survey also claimed that most consumers feel stressed and angry about poor call quality.

Today, there is a lower incidence of callers experiencing voice-quality issues compared to a few years ago, though such problems still exist. Whenever there is a quality problem in a landline phone service, it is fairly easy to pinpoint the cause through a step by step process. Some of the things to consider include:

Persistence of the problem

Some problems are continuous while others only occur on some calls. In the latter case, the problem is probably due to an issue on the other end of the line. Landlines are renowned for providing solid service, but this is only part of the equation. For instance, a consumer using a VoIP to call your business landline number may experience quality issues from their end.

doroWhether you are using wireless headsets or handsets

There are many devices that can interfere with wireless phones, such as fluorescent lights, Wi-Fi networks, microwave ovens, and mobile phones, among others. If you use wireless headsets, you may want to try using a set of corded headsets to see if the problem stops. If the interference is being caused by one of the devices mentioned, you can try switching to a set of wired headsets, relocating the device, or choosing a different channel for the wireless phone.

Whether the problem is affecting all extensions in the building

You can try plugging your phone into another outlet to check whether it may be the source of the problem. If using a different outlet solves the problem, then the wiring leading to the original outlet may be the source of the problem. Basically, outlet connections and phone wiring can degrade over time, or get damaged suing installation or renovations.

Whether the problem is external

If every phone extension in the building is experiencing call quality issues, you should try checking the Network Interface Device (NID). The NID connects the outside line to the internal connections,, so you will need a trained technician to establish whether the problem is internal or external.

BIZ1900mono_largePhone vs. headset

It is apparent that the type of telephone you have seldom affects your call quality unless there is a problem with the wiring or connection. The phone is not as important as the digital signal is just passed to the headset. Your headset, on the other hand, can cause the quality of calls to deteriorate, like if you are using a wireless headset due to interference. So, it is better to invest in a better corded headset than a better phone.