Fans of the hit television drama Mad Men will appreciate this offering from Wild & Wolf, which invokes a retro sensibility which would not be out of place in the offices shows advertising firm “Sterling Cooper & Partners.” The show, set in the 1960's, showcases much of the intriguing aesthetics of this not-so-distant past with its backdrop of a retro New York City as seen largely from the famous Time Life Building.


An Old-Fashioned Look

The Wild & Wolf Dreyfuss 500 Corded Phone is a neat little throwback to a classic telephone design, showcased well with the prime example of the Western Electric Model 500 – the phone which sits on the desk of Donald Draper's desk. The work of the prestigious designer from which the phone takes its name, Henry Dreyfus, one of the leading minds in design circa 1950's America. While today the Western Electric Model 500 looks pretty archaic, upon its release in 1951 it was regarded as an ultra-modern device with a sleek minimalist design. Today it still maintains an interesting aesthetic appeal, even if the adjective “rustic” might work its way into descriptions of the device a bit more than it would have in the 50's.

A Little Modernisation

The Wild & Wolf Dreyfuss 500 is not an exact replica of the Western Electric Model 500. It has been updated with modern components and, although it still features the look of an old rotary dial, is actually a touch-tone dialling phone. The result is a fully-functional, durable corded phone which is perfectly serviceable for everyday use in home or office. As a classic throwback, it doesn't feature any of the amenities of a modern phone like answering machine or phone book, but is plenty capable of being a workhorse of a communications device.

Take A Stroll Through The History Of Telephones

The Wild & Wolf Dreyfuss 500 is a great example of the retro phone market, especially with its Mad Men connections. But if its not quite what interests you, take a look at some other retro phone offerings which might pique your interest.