Today, we’re going to have a look at some lifehacks to make young parents’ life a little bit easier.

1. Add An Adhesive Hook On High Chair To Hold Bibs

This is a fantastic way to keep bibs readily at hand any time you find yourself in need of one. Instead of scrambling across the room when you've realised you forgot their bib, simply reach around the high chair and pull off a bib and bang - straight to meal time!

Baby Napping

2. Pool Noodle Baby Proofing

Baby proofing can be a massively expensive process – but it doesn't need to be for everything. The humble, buoyant pool noodle is an excellent example of do-it-yourself baby proofing solutions which can save a ton of money and lots of tears! Made from a soft foam material, pool noodles are great for making hard edges and the corners of walls and doors a bit more baby proof. Simply cut to desired length and attach with glue or adhesive.

3. Baby Phones With Video Monitor

You’ve probably heard of those smart little gadgets that react to your little one’s movement and breathing sounds. But did you know that some of them feature a video stream too? Take the BT Video Baby Monitor 1000 as an example. Be sure to check out our recent "Top Five Reasons Why A Baby Monitor Should Be On Your Baby Prep Checklist" for more information as well.

Now, you can cherish the little moments in life and even share it with your friends via Facebook. Either one is great addition to a parent’s cheat sheet (click here to see for yourself).

BT Baby Monitor 1000

4. Iced Pacifiers For Teething

Teething can be a painful experience for both babies and the parents who have to endure their agony second hand. Help out the little one with a bit of soothing ice. Simply place pacifiers with the mouthpiece down into a full ice tray and freeze for a few hours. The result will be perfectly little pacifier pops which will help soothe the pain of new teeth!

5. Set Up Diaper Changing Station In Bathroom

Having a diaper changing station in the bathroom can be helpful for ease of access but also provides the benefit of being near running water for quick access. Warm water rinses help keep everything clean and odour free.

6. Pacifier Medicine Dispenser

Many infants are quite averse to taking any kind of medicine, and encountering foreign objects like droppers or measuring spoons in their mouth can be strange and uncomfortable. Simplify the process by poking small holes in a pacifier so you can easily administer the medicine through the pacifier while baby is relaxed.

Baby monitors

7. Soothing Rub For Cough

Cough syrup and other typical cough remedies can be hard on babies and bad for their health. Fortunately, a simple solution exists to giving them a bit of relief from their cough. Simply use Vick’s Vapour Rub or a similar menthol camphor rub to provide relief. Apply the rub to the baby’s feet and then cover them with socks.

8. Get Dimmer Switches

Being able to dim the lights in any room, but especially the baby’s room, can help to set a relaxing mood and be a great way to transition into nap time.

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