A lot of things happen during the Christmas season that can easily turn it into a stressful holiday. But you are allowed to take shortcuts so everything you do is a lot more fun. The following are some useful Christmas hacks to help you get organised:

1. Improvise with basic items

There are many unused items around your home that you can use to simplify things during the festive season, while saving money and maintaining tidiness. For instance, you can use plastic cups or egg cartons to store your Christmas ornaments, or use a hanger to wrap around Christmas lights so they don’t get entangled. Check out 35 clever hacks here.

Hot glue gun isolated on white2. Window crafts

You can decorate your windows with winter theme crafts, such as snowflakes using Hot Glue Gun. They are clear, beautiful, and easy to remove, though it is recommended that you make your decoration on a warm day to avoid cracking cold glass. If you don’t want to apply the glue directly on glass, you should read more here.

3. Indoor Snowman

If you have a large white fridge in your home, you can transform it into an interactive snowman for your kitchen. It is a very easy process that requires a few materials, including:

  • craft foam sheets (self-adhesive);
  • a scarf;
  • 2 large black circles for eyes;
  • 3 medium black circles for buttons;
  • 1 orange triangle for the nose;
  • and 5 small black circles for the mouth.

Check out the assembly process here.

4. Using Spools to store Christmas lights

This tip is probably one-year late, but you can still use the advice to avoid wasting time and effort sorting through tangled webs of decorations next year. You can keep your lights organised using spools from electrical wire or similar items, like plastic spools from ribbons.


5. Paper Lanterns

From Halloween lanterns to winter lanterns that can help to keep you warm. This is a great DIY project that involves crating some lovely woodland paper lanterns using your cutting machine or craft knife. You also need a different type of paper to create sheer windows inside that will let light through. They are safely lit using flameless teal light candles. You need a template to create the lanterns that is available here.

6. Candy cane place card holders

The Christmas holiday involves a lot of food preparation and eating, and while the event celebration itself is already merry, you can have lots of fun in every step of the way. For instance, you can be creative with labelling your appetisers by adding some candy cane place holders to fancy them up.


7. Edible gifts

You can make Christmas this year more personal by making your own gourmet gifts that your foodie buddies will enjoy. There are different, simple recipes for homemade chocolates, biscuits, and chutneys that you can give a try!