Since the days of cave paintings and smoke signals humans have endeavoured to find new, better and more profound ways to keep in touch – but today’s communication technology is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible more than ever before. After all, our conversations are what make us human – and they drive every aspect of our society from business deals to family interaction. Now communication technology is racing along so fast that anything seems possible. With a new breed of smart technology coming into play the potential is greater than ever before to connect to each other instantly - wherever we choose and however we choose.

That’s pretty exciting stuff, but sometimes it can seem communication technology is moving so fast it’s impossible to keep up. So let’s all stop, take a moment, maybe have a cup of tea, and take a look at anticipated communication technology trends and what they actually mean for our day to day lives.

Intelligent Electronic Agents: the voice of communication technology


You probably know this best as Siri – the natural language voice agent infamously launched by Apple. Well, now Siri is taking a leap into a new dimension. All the mobile and tablet providers running the race to develop the first comprehensive personal mobile concierge. Sector experts also predict that it won’t be too long before communication technology brings intelligent electronic agents to retail outlets, places of work, transport systems – in fact anywhere. It looks like in the future you won’t be putting a ticket in at Argos, you’ll be discussing your request with a computer...

Personal Computers: will new communication technology make them obsolete?


Statistics show that there are almost as many mobile subscriptions in the world as there are people. What’s more, it looks like as many as 1 in 10 people will own a tablet by 2016. Businesses are cashing in on the opportunity, leveraging this communication technology to make our mobile experience smarter, more interactive and more personalised. A major factor in this is the rapid development of contactless payments and online shopping via mobile devices. Which begs the question: will anyone even own a PC in 5 years’ time? Or, indeed, a wallet?

The Mobile Web communication technology: set to eliminate the app?

BIA Kelsey recently predicted that mobile web development is likely to overtake apps in popularity. What’s the difference? Mobile web development will bring websites in their entirety to your mobile screens, using advanced communication technology that can adapt the layout of the site to fit whatever device you’re using pefectly. Apps will become less popular because they tend to fragment your use of the internet when you’re on the go. So soon you could be enjoying a total internet experience on any mobile device without even having to think about downloading an app ever again.

Cloud communication technology: anytime, anywhere, any device

Technology giants Gartner point to a world in the not so distant future where technology is about “a personal cloud, not a personal computer”. We’re all aware of the much acclaimed “cloud” but in the future it could become as much a part of day to day jargon as email or Facebook. That’s because cloud technology is so vast that it has potentially limitless applications, and is unlikely to ever be dominated by one platform or engine. Mind you, people said that about the internet and we can certainly think of a few search engines that have defied that claim...

VoIP communication technology: phone or internet as you choose

gigaset elemnts plug

We’ve recently taken a look at some of Gigaset’s advances in VoIP communication technology , but they’re not the only ones at it. Now the ability to integrate phone services with broadband technology means that your phone life and your online life can be instantaneously interchangeable. Handsets are rapidly hitting the market offering new potential to Skype calls, visit social media sites, download apps and more – without even having to own a PC.

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