We've all probably used or even owned some two way radios. Be it for camping and hiking, sports, coordination at an event, or as an essential part of a jobs toolkit, the two way radios seems to find themselves into all sorts of interesting and highly useful situations.

two way radios as essential part of a job tool kit

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But if you've got some two way radios just laying around collecting dust, or if you're considering picking up a new set, you might not be fully aware of all of the many possibilities which allow a set of 2 way radios to be put to good use.

To help point you in the right direction, we've assembled this list of five ways to really get your money's worth from any set of two way radios.

1. Two Way Radios for Emergency Preparedness

2 way radios are a must-have part of any emergency preparedness kit. They allow you to not only communicate with other members of your family or party, but can also sometimes be used to contact nearby emergency responders.

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2. Keep Your Group Together

No matter where you go, the 2 way radios are a simple, unintrusive way to keep everyone organised and on the same page. Never lose your kids at the mall, enjoy the freedom of wireless communications while on the hiking trail, or always keep perfect track of the score at a sporting event.

two way radios to keep your group together

3. Let Everyone Know it's Time to Eat

Whether you're throwing a major party or just trying to assemble the family for a sit-down meal, getting everyone in the same place at the same time can end up being something of a challenge. With a set of two way radios, like the Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme it becomes a breeze to let everyone know that the meal is about to be served so they can all gather round the dining table to share some family time and delicious food.

4. Know Whats Up with the Kids and the Kitchen

We can't be in multiple places at the same time, but fortunately our technology can! If you have a lot on your plate at once, it can be easy to be stressed out as you move constantly around to check on multiple things. But with the ability to communicate with multiple locations at the press of a button, you might find your load lightened a little.

5. Solve Problems Faster and Easier

When the breaker blows a fuse, or the satellite dish needs adjusting, or a plumbing problem arises, one of the most annoying and time-consuming parts of the process can be going from one location to another back and forth to see if adjustments have fixed the problem. If you have some two-way radios handy, this process can be dramatically simplified with some good communication.


More exciting than any of these possibilities are the unique and innovative ways you can put your own set of 2 way radios to use! The sky is the limit when you use your imagination.