Baby monitors are pretty nifty little pieces of electronics when you get right down to it. Even the simplest baby monitor tends to have a decent little radio and might even be home to a decent speaker/microphone. Aside from their intended purpose of keeping tabs on the little ones, there are actually some other uses to which baby monitors can be put towards.

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These are great ideas if your child has outgrown the baby monitor phase and you still have one laying around. We will also highlight some features which baby monitor owners might not be aware of. But also we have a few neat ideas where employing a simple baby monitor could save you money instead of buying some specialised device.

1. Use a Baby Monitor as a Pet Monitor Instead

Sometimes animals can be even more in need of a close eye than children. Setting up a baby monitor, be it audio or visual, can be a great way to make sure your furry friends are staying in line even while you're too busy to watch them in person.

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2. Sing Baby to Sleep

Baby Monitors, peace of mind of a sleeping parent

Many baby monitors are equipped with the Talk Back feature, which lets you not only hear what is going on in baby's room but also broadcast your own voice into their room.

Often the sound of a parent's voice can be the most reassuring thing to a child, so this can be a great way to try to calm the little ones even if you can't make it to their room just yet. Many baby monitors also include options for lullabies which can be played remotely, letting you can sing your baby to sleep with accompaniment without ever entering their room.

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3. Use as an Intercom

This is another handy feature enabled by the Talk Back function. In a pinch, a baby monitor can be repurposed as a two-way intercom system for use around your home.

4. Watch the LED's

Gigaset PA330, led noise indicators

Most baby monitors (even the cheapest entry level model) now include LED sound indicator lights. These are very useful because they allow you to disable the speaker on the parent unit without actually losing track of what is going on. If baby starts making noise, the LED display will quickly let you know something is up so you can enable the speaker again to listen in.

Certain models of baby monitors even allow for the speaker to only become enabled above a certain noise threshold controllable from the settings.

5. Use as Security Device

With more and more high-tech baby monitors offering all of the features of some home security cameras, often in something of a simplified package, using a fancy baby monitor for a bit of added security is not such a silly idea. High-end video baby monitors offer things like smart phone integration, night vision, movable cameras, high-quality audio, recording and real-time streaming.

But even a simple audio baby monitor can provide a bit of extra peace of mind, letting you know in advance if someone is at the door or in a particular location.

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