The range for cordless phones has always been an important consideration when buying a landline phone, and most I have come across have a maximum outdoor range of 300m. This was the case until the recent launch of BT’s most robust landline telephone yet, the BT Elements 1k. Users who need to communicate over long distances, like in largish homes, farms, or factory settings will really appreciate what this phone has to offer:

1. Long range

Unlike other long range cordless phones, the Elements 1K requires no additional equipment or set-up it just provides you with added coverage out the box. It has an indoor range of 50m and outdoor range of up to 1km, but as a successor of the popular BT Elements home phone, you can only expect it to be better in nearly every aspect.


2. Weatherproof

It's called "Elements" for a reason - the handset will withstand our temperate British/UK weather, so you can get caught outside in the garden by an unexpected shower and not need to worry about replacing your home phone. Besides splashes, this phone can withstand a lot of water up to a depth of 1m without any damage, so you can have it with you when washing your children or visiting a busy car wash, without concerns.

The BT Elements 1k is also absolutely dust-proof, giving you the flexibility to use it in any type of dusty environment, whether it is a factory floor or home workshop. Its durability is reflected in its IP67 rating, which gives users peace of mind knowing that they can always rely on their phone to make and receive calls, and always be in touch up to 1km away from the base unit, without caring about it being damaged by extreme environmental factors.

3. Nuisance Call Block

You can protect your home against unwanted sales calls with BT's call blocking & do not disturb features. The distinct call blocking feature lets you block a wide range of possible nuisance calls from withheld numbers, unknown callers, and international numbers, while the “Do Not Disturb” mode switches off the ringer for all incoming calls except from contacts designated as VIP in the contacts list.

Another useful call blocking feature is the parental controls setting that lets you block incoming calls from selected 10 numbers, and bar outgoing calls to premium, international, or mobile phone numbers.


4. Practical features

You will find all the great features and functions of a BT home phone in the Elements 1K, including incredible audio clarity on all calls within the range, phonebook with a storage capacity of up to 200 contacts, 250 hours of battery life on standby and 10 hours of talk-time, inductive charging, and a built-in answering machine that offers up to 30 minutes of digital message recording with the option for home or remote access to messages. The phone also offers text messaging, quick access to a call list of 50 numbers, and a redial list of up to 30 numbers.

Finally, this is a great cordless phone system that I would recommend to anyone seeking a reliable and sturdy phone that packs all the essential functions, at a very affordable price.