Featuring an advanced call blocker, outstanding sound quality, ease of use, and a stylish and ergonomic design with backlit keys and a colour screen, the BT 8500 is an extremely comfortable cordless phone for everyday use.

This handset is also packed with an assortment of useful DECT features that every home or office user would love to take full advantage of, including the high-quality loudspeaker, phonebook capacity of 200 contacts, an answering machine with up to 60 minutes of recording time, hands-free operation, and more.

So, what makes the BT 8500 the ideal choice for a landline phone?

1. Large Display and Clean Keypad

Like other BT models, the 8500 handset has a modern and stylish design with a large 1.8-inch full-graphic 7-line brightly coloured display that makes it easy for everyone to find out who’s calling, or how many missed calls, text messages, or voice messages you have. The BT 8500 also features an illuminated keypad with durable backlit buttons for easy day-time navigation through the intuitive menus.


2. Superior call blocking

Unlike other call blocking phones, with a maximum of 1000 numbers blocked, the BT 8500 does not limit users to only 10 numbers. You can even add your name to the announcement, which steps in, when the caller is not in your list of contact numbers. Basically, the phone asks the caller to state their name and business, and then inquires from you, as to whether you would like to take the call, reject it, or send it to the answer phone. *Please note that CallerID has to be active on your line for this feature to work

3. Keep your messages in check

The base station comes equipped with a reliable in-built answering machine that provides up to 60 minutes of total recording time. Messages can be easily accessed and played back directly from the handset or base. The BT 8500 also allows you to set up the answering machine for remote access when you are away from your home.

BT 8500

4. Freedom to move around

With its long range of up to 300m, the BT 8500 gives you the freedom to carry on conversations around your home and even on the yard. This cordless phone also offers a hands-free function to let you do other things as you chat. Additionally, this phone is well suited for long conversations owing to its standby time of 310 hours and 21 hours of talk-time.

Another plus is the ease of setup, since you only have to put in the settings and other data on your main handset, which them automatically conveys that information to any extra handsets without requiring you to repeat typing.

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