It is hard to imagine being a parent without a baby monitor. A video monitor, in specific, allows you to peek in occasionally to ensure that your little one is still covered, sleeping soundly, not wet, and has not wondered off. Without it, you would probably experience minor moments of panic, not knowing how your baby is doing 5 minutes after you left his/her room.

But when your children are past that extremely delicate stage, you won’t have as much use for the baby monitor as before. It is at this point that you start to think about the new parents in your social cycle who could also benefit from your baby monitor. Besides giving it away, you could also sell it or donate it to a charity. But before you start weighing your options, there are a few alternative uses of a baby monitor that you should look into:

1. Monitoring a sick family member


If there is a sick person in the house, especially one who is not very mobile or is just suffering from an upset tummy, fever, or other illness, he/she will have to spend to spend a lot of time in isolation, so you can put a baby monitor in their room to communicate easily when they need assistance.

Since an illness steals away their energy, they won’t be able to shout when they need assistance. Whether it is an elderly parent, spouse, or relative, they will be able to reach you, a nurse, or other caregiver in an emergency, wherever they maybe within the house or outside. With a baby monitor in their room, audio or video, you will be able to hear when he/she moans, coughs, cries for help, or vomits, and give them the care and attention they need.

2. To monitor your guest’s children

As parents, you are likely to be interacting with other parents, who either have newborns or children younger than your own. With a baby monitor, your guests can keep an eye on their children as they play, rest, or interact with other children in another room, as the adults peacefully chat away elsewhere without any worries.


3. To monitor your cooking

If you are a particularly busy person at home, you can’t afford to spend too much time in the kitchen waiting for the food to cook in the oven before you can attend to other things. With a baby monitor, you can play with your children, do some gardening, talk on the phone, or perform some other tasks outside the kitchen without worrying about overcooking your meals. You can attend to other tasks, and rely on the monitor to remind you that something was cooking, and that it is done.

In conclusion

Still, we believe that all alternative uses of baby monitors are pretty solid, and you will definitely be using your monitor for one of these purposes, besides keeping an eye on your little ones.