Looking to remove some wires from your life by investing in a Bluetooth headset? Before you take the plunge, have a look at our three essential features for a quality Bluetooth device. We think you'll appreciate the results if you keep your eyes pealed for these key features.

3. Long Battery Life

batterychargeFor many users, battery life is the key feature which is going to define their experience with a Bluetooth headset. Will it be something which can bring you lots of worry-free usage, or a device you'll constantly be afraid of running out of power and losing a call, having your favourite song cut off just before the chorus, or providing shoddy quality when the battery is running low. Instead of constantly running it back to the charger, you want your Bluetooth device to free you from constraints like wires and chargers and allow you to be free and unencumbered by these minor annoyances as you go about your day.

The key to all of this is having a good battery. A good battery has a long life, holds its charge well and charges quickly. When selecting a Bluetooth headset, take a look at the specifications to look for “talk time,” “charge time,” and “standby time.” These numbers will give you some indicator of the kind of battery capacity you're dealing with.

  • Talk Time refers to how long the device can be used continuously.
  • Charge Time refers to how long the battery takes to charge.
  • Standby Time refers to how long the battery will hold its charge while its not in use.

Compare your selection to other headsets in a similar range to figure out the best available battery option. This is especially important for anyone who might use their Bluetooth headset all day, such as in a professional or similar setting.

2. Multi-Device Connectivity

imagesOne of the greatest benefits of a Bluetooth device its its capacity to interact with a range of devices seamlessly. Your Bluetooth headset should be compatible with computers, smart phones, tablets, even some desk phone and cordless phone solutions. A huge boon to anyone who handles communications from multiple devices, the Bluetooth headset can make sure you're always available to take a call regardless of its source.

Make sure your Bluetooth device is not specialised to perform only with one specific type of device. While most Bluetooth headsets are capable of interacting with the range of Bluetooth devices, some have been manufactured specifically for use with certain Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions or specific phone systems.

1. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE is a massive power-saving protocol for Bluetooth devices which can substantially extend the battery life. Look carefully for BLE or similar low-energy labelling when selecting a device to get something that will really make the most out of its battery life. Since BLE was introduced, many companies have taken to making BLE-optimised chipsets which work in close concert with this energy-saving Bluetooth protocol.

Consider Your Options!

Above is just a few simple tips which should help you on your way. More important is comparison and reading reviews to select the ideal device for your needs. Take a look through the wide assortment of available headsets and don't rush your decision!