So you've finally reached retirement age. It's been a long time coming, years of keeping your nose to the grindstone – skimping and saving, planning and praying it will all work out. Yet when many arrive at that great point and can finally leave their careers behind them, they are confronted with all sorts of minor nagging issues they never would have expected: the boredom of idle hands, the quest to keep an active mind and healthy body, the financial constraints of living on a fixed income.

All of these things can spell stress and even sew discord into the twilight years of retirees. But is there a way to stand up to the challenges of retirement and spend one's days happy in the paradise of life's later years, lounging on a beach somewhere sipping Piña Coladas without a care in the world?

While it might not be quite that simple, I've decided to prepare this quick list of simple tips to get the most out of retirement.

1. Keep Learning

Never stop learning! There is always so much to learn and it is never to late to dive into a new endeavour. Read an exciting book, get in touch with friends abroad, study a new language, or even take some classes with an instructor or local school. If you prefer to learn from home, the internet is now full of exciting opportunities to take world-class college courses from the comfort of your own home: completely free!

Whether its watching a documentary or taking an art class, keeping the mind active and healthy is key to getting the most out of life.


2. Travel Near and Far

Travelling is one of those items that seems to be at the top of everyone's post-retirement To Do list. Yet, most people put their focus on soaking up a variety of exotic destinations which have enticed them for so many years. While this is great and certainly an amazing life experience, once you've settled into retirement it is important to keep on the move!

Travel doesn't always have to mean crossing oceans or continents. It can be as simple as exploring the area in which you live, finding new shops and restaurants or natural beauties which might be lurking just outside of your regular haunts. Keep your prospects open and always fuel your wander lust. You may just find it to be the most invigorating thing around.

3. Setup Regular Social Activity

By interacting with others with the same interests, we manage to constantly broaden our world view and draw from the experience of others. Regular social activity – be it a polite dinner with friends, a musical event, a drink with the regulars, or a fun social gaming night – is vital for the mental well being of anyone. So, pick up the phone and invite some friends!

Since retirement can often leave people without their regular outlets from work and work-related activities, it becomes essential for the retired to have a social outlet which they can tap on the regular.


Enjoy Life!

Above all, try to enjoy everyday of retirement! Remember, you earned it!