3 Easy to Use Doro Mobile Phones

If you’re not familiar with Doro, they are a Swedish based telecom company that specialises in manufacturing mobile phones that are straightforward to use for older users. From their no nonsense budget handsets for those who want nothing more than a phone to make and receive calls (and maybe send and receive an occasional text) to making Smartphone functions more accessible; Doro’s range of easy to use Sim-Free mobiles have made it easy for some of our older customer to stay connected with their loved ones. Take a look at our Top 3:

Doro Mobiles

The Doro Liberto 810: An Android Enabled Touchscreen Smartphone

This is as an easy to use Touchscreen Smartphone that makes accessing the web and the world of mobile Apps easy for an older generation. Unlike other Android Smartphones, the user-interface of the Liberto 810 is overlaid with Doro’s own software to make it more straightforward to use. There are also 3 physical buttons just below the touchscreen to aid with navigation and accessing required features. In-built 3G and Wi-Fi means you can go online and access Google’s App Store ( the handset comes with a selection of pre-installed apps); and a 5 megapixel camera means you can impress friends and family on Facebook by sharing your latest photos.

If you’ve been impressed with the capabilities of modern mobiles and have always fancied one yourself  but have been put off by the seeming complexity of them then the Doro Liberto 810 is for you. Order now with Free UK Delivery (liGo Price £129.99).


Doro PhoneEasy 612: A Flip-style Easy-to-use Mobile

The Doro 612 is a much simpler mobile than the 810. It still features an integrated camera (2.0 MP) if you like to take the occasional photo but you can't share your captures online with the 612. The larger buttons and screen font size combined with loud clear volume make this an ideal choice for frequent use; and the stylish clam-shell design means you can answer and end calls by simply opening and closing the phone (without the need to push any buttons).

If you’re struggling with the diminishing size of buttons on mobiles or looking for a phone with reliably loud volume then the Doro PhoneEasy 612 is an ideal choice. You can order the Doro PhoneEasy 612 now with Free UK Delivery (liGo Price £74.99).


Doro PhoneEasy 506: A Basic Budget Sim-free Mobile

The Doro 506 is easily one of the most practical and affordable easy to use mobiles available. Perfect for anyone wants nothing more than a phone that can make and receive calls, and perhaps just likes the security of having a mobile on their person in case of emergencies.  It can also be used for texting and the larger buttons and screen lends itself well to both writing and reading texts.

If you're looking for the ultimate easy to use mobile with no frills or added bells and whistles then the Doro 506 ticks all the boxes. Order now with Free UK Delivery (liGo Price £34.99).