If you've got some two-way radios handy, there are a lot of uses for them beyond the typical mobile communications unit. While they're great for keeping yourselves coordinated and in touch on family outings, on hikes, at events or even on the job site, there are plenty of inventive ways to put this simple yet massively useful communications technology to good use.

Let's take a look at some of them!

1. Mount Some Two-Way Radios for a Budget Intercom System

I have to admit: I borrowed this idea from an old neighbour of mine. She had a pretty big yard and liked to spend most of the day in the garden or her greenhouse. When people would come to knock at the door, they usually got no response and often left assuming no one was home. One day my family went to visit and we found a two-way radio mounted next to the door in place of the door bell, with a note above it that read “PRESS THE BUTTON AND SAY HELLO.”

It was a great solution to her problem of never answering the door in time. For just a few pounds she had rigged up her own wireless doorbell intercom system! Now whenever someone came to visit they could get a hold of her even if she was kilometres away.

This awesome idea could be expanded. Mount a two way radio anywhere in your home and suddenly you have your own intercom system.


2. Two Way Radio Games

There are some great possibilities for having fun with your two way radios. They can be an enhancement to games like capture the flag, or even have games based on them completely. Radio hide and seek is a possibility, where one person hides and broadcasts clues to their location over the radio, while the others make a coordinated effort to find them with the help of the radio.

Since the person hiding can hear their communications, they can strategically try to move (but hope they don't get caught in the process!) to evade being found, but must routinely broadcast hints to their location, while the seekers try to coax information from them with prying questions.

3. Keep in Touch with the Kids

If you've ever wanted to keep in touch with your kids when they're out to play, but don't want to entrust them with a cellphone, some budget two-way radios might be a great way to go. With a potential range of multiple kilometres, it is possible to keep in touch with your kids on their outings even if they venture a considerable distance from home.

Great for staying in touch when they're playing around the yard, visiting neighbours, or going to nearby establishments.


Explore, Innovate!

All you need to find even more new and exciting possibilities for two way radios is your own set! Check out whats available and begin exploring what interesting applications you can find for your radios.

If you've got any great ideas for novel uses of two way radios, we'd love to hear about them! Please drop us a line below in our comments section and tell us about all your neat ideas for 2-way radios.