Sleep deprivation is a serious problem for newborn parents. But with baby monitors that transmit sound and video images from one room to another, parents can keeps tabs on their baby from any part of the house, giving them peace of mind to do other things without having to keep checking in on their little one.

Essentially, it is the audio monitoring that alerts you when your baby cries or makes a sound, which makes it the most crucial element for effective monitoring. However, your next thought is always whether your little one needs you, in which case you can either walk into the baby’s room to check or keep listening until you are certain of the sound. The former is usually the case, but going into your baby’s room is enough to fully awaken him/her, which will interrupt whatever both of you were doing.

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Fortunately, a video monitor can let you look in on your baby to determine if your presence is really necessary, or your little one might self-soothe and return to sleep. Video baby monitors cost a little more than their audio counterparts, but they are worth the price. The following are some top options for video baby monitors:

Motorola MBP 26


The Motorola MBP 26 Digital Video Baby Monitor combines 2.4 GHz FHSS technology for sound clarity with a 2.4-inch LCD colour screen, so you can be comfortable knowing that any sounds from your baby will come through loud and crystal-clear when he/she needs you and you can look in when need be. The Motorola MBP26 provides video monitoring with infrared night vision so you can access real-time video of your baby’s room without turning on the lights that could disturb your little one’s sleep.

The MBP 26 is equipped with LEDS that indicate the level of sound activity in your baby’s room, as well as an out-of-range warning that alerts you when you’re about to get 200 metres away. Another plus is the ability to control the camera to pan and tilt video images as needed, as well as the option to expand monitoring capabilities with up to 4 cameras.

The Motorola MBP 26 is available for £79.99 - order online here.

BT Video Baby Monitor 1000

BTvideobabymonitor_largeWith a wide range of award-winning baby monitors, BT’s family of incredible baby monitors is now complete with the introduction of the BT Video Baby Monitor 1000. With a large 2.8-inch LCD colour screen and flawless video quality, you can enjoy a smooth video experience with up to 4 additional cameras. The BT 1000 also has a range of 50m indoors and 300m outdoors; comes with two-way talk back so you can speak to your baby remotely; automatically switches to night-vision when it gets dark; monitors the baby’s room temperature; and avoids interference by switching between 52 channels automatically.

The BT Video Baby Monitor 1000 is available for £109.99 - order online here.

Philips SCD603


Philips AVENT SCD603 comes with a 2.4-inch self-activating display and volume that switches on when your little one starts crying, so you can always see and listen to your baby from anywhere within the 150m range. It also has infrared night-vision that automatically activates in the dark, as 5 remote activated lullabies so you can sooth your little one to sleep.

Compared to using apps or other devices to monitor your sleeping child so you can walk around the house and do other stuff, having a dedicated device is the better option, because apps can crash, and Wi-Fi networks can go down. Having any one of these 3 video baby monitors will certainly make you happy.

The Philips AVENT SCD603 is available for £115.99 - order online here.