When selecting a desk phone headset, there are many things to consider including your personal wearing style and your environment. If you work in a loud and lively environment, have more than a few co-workers in a tiny area causing a substantial amount of background noise, or need to have a conversation in a place with unwanted noise, like on a bus or train, you require a Noise-Cancelling headset.

The microphone on noise-cancelling headsets makes your voice clearer to a caller, though it won’t let you hear better in a noisy environment. The microphone electronics that facilitate noise cancellation are located at the end of the microphone boom. While the front side of the mic targets your voice, the back side picks up and dampens background noise; thereby, emphasising your voice and reducing background noise. If you work in a noisy environment, you should consider getting one of the following noise-cancelling headsets:

CS540Plantronics CS540

The Plantronics CS 540 Headset sports a sleek, lightweight (21 grams) design with a range of 350 feet. It is designed to connect to your desk phone, and the one-touch controls allow you to answer/end calls and adjust the volume. The CS540 also allows you to conference with up to three additional headsets for convenient collaboration. Besides the DECT technology, the CS 540 also offers Wideband audio for crystal-clear phone conversations, enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for more natural and clear voice, and a noise-cancelling microphone that filters out background noise for clear sound delivery.

Jabra Pro 9450

Jabrapro9450_largeThe Jabra Pro 9450 headset is a multi-use wireless headset, because the base station connects with both your office phone and your desk computer. This makes it a great choice for users who are constantly on Skype-type conversations, online webinars, or dictation, so you don’t have to juggle between two unique headsets as the Pro 9450 has a simple toggle on the base. It also supports DECT wireless technology and offers a talk range of 135m, so you can handle calls privately while away from the headset base. With the Jabra Pro 9450, you can join up to 4 handsets to a single base simultaneously for conferencing calls, while UC clients enjoy an optimised experience. Other useful features include the noise-cancelling microphone, up to 10 hours talk time and 38 hours standby time, comfortable over-the-ear and ear hook wearing styles, and electronic hook switch that allows you to answer and end calls to a desktop phone directly from your device.

DWpro1Sennheiser DW Pro1

The Sennheiser DW Pro 1 Headset has the best sound quality, best noise-cancelling functionality, and best wireless range. The base station features a minimalistic design and connects to both your computer and office phone in a way that is very easy to switch between the two. Owing to its outstanding microphone and noise-cancellation technology, the DW Pro 1 is probably the best headset to use with drag and dictate, because it picks up your articulation perfectly. It also offers quick charge functionality that gives you 4 hours of talk time in an instant.

It is important to note that noise cancelling headsets reduce background noise by up to 70 percent, but do not completely eliminate it. If you are in a quiet environment, however, you should go for a Voice-Tube headset to deliver clear audio quality. Many headsets come in both for use in a variety of environment.