If you are looking for two-way radios to help you keep in touch with your kids, spouse, lover, or another couple that you are on holiday with, then the Binatone Terrain 750 twin two-way radios are a great and affordable choice. Some benefits of the Binatone 750 include:

binatone_largeAffordability and ease of use

The Terrain 750 from Binatone provide a simple, fun, and free way to communicate over distances of up to 5 miles or 8km, making them ideal for a variety of uses, including skiing, camping, keeping in contact with your kids in festivals or theme parks, and a host of other outdoor activities.

Well made and convenient

The Binatone 750 two-way radios have a sturdy, high quality design that makes them great for security and other communication needs, and the moulded grip on the handsets makes them easy to use. The two handsets have a belt clip for easy storage when roaming around, as well as a rechargeable 50-hour battery with charging pod, which eliminates the cost of replacing batteries. The Binatone 750 also features VOX technology for high quality hands-free conversations, and a headset connection.

Other features

The Binatone 750 is designed to optimise communication with 968 channels, so you can always get in touch within the 8km range. The channel scan function allows you to search for other users on the same channel, while a roger beep (talk confirmation feature) indicates when others can talk.

Offering enhanced security features, long range capability, and a complete rechargeable solution, the Binatone Terrain 750 system is the ideal portable radio set up for those who play or work in the outdoors, while the free communication helps you save roaming charges abroad when arranging meeting up times and venues. No license is required, implying that anyone can operate them. You can give one handset to your kids and remain with the other, or buy more sets if there more people in your group, so you can keep each other up to date with movements and always be in contact.