A good video baby monitor can make a real difference. It will not only give you constant reassurance by helping you keep an eye on your little one, but also make life easier. BT is a renowned brand in this industry, and with its new and evolved arrivals, it now has a full range of award-winning baby monitors to meet the demands of all parents. 2 new video baby monitors that parents may be interested in are:

BT 7000 video baby monitor


The BT 7000 video baby monitor is designed to give parents peace of mind by allowing them to watch their little one as he sleeps via the large 3.5-inch colour touch-screen display, and also help their baby drift off to sleep, remotely, owing to the variety of comforting features, such as a soothing lullaby collection and talk-back function.

Like other video baby monitors, the BT 7000 has a camera/microphone unit that you put in your baby’s room, aimed at the cot, and a parent unit with a large screen that lets you adjust the brightness setting automatically, so you can check on your baby at any time without being disturbed by a bright screen.


Extra baby monitor features

What makes this video baby monitor stand out is its ability to support up to 4 camera units at once, allowing you to monitor multiple angles or rooms at the same time on a split screen, and easily choose one screen when you hear some noise. The audio feed cycles through the cameras, though to can switch between cameras manually.

The BT 7000 baby monitor also has invisible infrared lights for night monitoring without disturbing your child. It also has crystal clear HD sound, like other monitors in BT’s family, Hi-definition sound that is sensitive enough to pick up even the slightest sounds, and a two-way talk-back function that lets you calm your baby from anywhere in your home, within a 50m range, or outside up to 300m.

Other useful features include the selection of 19 lullabies to soothe your baby, Micro USB charging option for the parent unit, crying alert, mute function, and out of range and low battery alerts.

BT 7500


The BT video baby monitor 7500 Lightshow is a more advanced version of the BT7000. Like the latter monitor, the BT7500’s baby unit comes with invisible infrared night vision lights, while the parent unit has a large 3.5-inch touchscreen with double the pixels of the previous BT video monitor model (BT 1000 baby monitor) and automatic brightness setting, giving you a comfortably and clearer viewing experience. It also has crystal clear HD sound and a talk-back feature, an adjustable nightlight that helps you make your way around your baby’s room without having to turn on the main light, and remarkable range of 50m indoors and 300m outdoors.


More than one step ahead

It is more advanced than the BT 7000 in a few ways. First, the baby unit comes with a camera/microphone/lightshow combination, whereby the Lightshow feature lets you project dreamy images of stars and moons onto the ceiling remotely, which when combined with the 19-lullaby collection can easily soothe your baby to sleep. You can also add up to 4 cameras and move each camera remotely. Using the touchscreen controls, you can rotate each baby unit 300 degrees, move it up and down 50 degrees, or zoom in up to 3 times, making it ideal for use with even your baby’s playroom.

In conclusion

BTs family of baby monitors has received glowing reviews from customers, in addition to winning multiple awards, including the Prima Baby and Pregnancy Platinum readers Award, Mumsnet Best, and Mother and Baby Gold Award. The BT7000 and 7500 are now available for parents looking for complete reassurance that their baby is safe and sound when they want to relax, watch TV, make dinner, or perform some other tasks away from the baby’s room.