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Gear For The 21st Century Baby

The influence of advanced audio and wireless technologies on the baby gear market has yielded some truly remarkable products. These make the lives of new parents easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable. It used to be that if your baby was sleeping, you had to stay nearby and be as quiet as possible, lest you disturb nap time. And, if you wanted to see your little one slumbering peacefully, you had to enter the nursery and risk an unplanned wake-up. With the incredible array of baby monitors on the market today, however, new parents can hear their baby fuss and cry far from the nursery (with many monitors having a range of 50 metres or more) and can even see a live stream of their sleeping infant. The convenience that baby monitors provide, paired with their affordability, has made them a must-have item for every new parent.

Don’t Forget Feeding Supplies

At liGo, you’ll also find a selection of baby bottles and bottle teats by Tomy. Not only are these ideal for babies who are bottle fed, but they are also great for feeding expressed milk to breastfed babies. As many new parents will attest, you can never have too many bottles when there’s an infant in the home.

Top Brands, Intelligent Features

Whether it’s a baby monitor from Philips, Samsung, Siemens, Tomy, or another top manufacturer, you’ll find it here at liGo. Audio-only monitors typically feature DECT technology for Superior sound performance. Video monitors often feature night vision for a clear picture after dark, and some models have pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. You may also find motion and noise detection on video monitors as an energy saving feature; video streams automatically when baby is fussing, then shuts off when baby is calm until you turn it on yourself. You’ll find other features like a movement sensor pad to protect against SIDS, nightlight projectors for visual soothing, and built-in music or mp3 connectivity for lullaby time. And, some monitors like the affordable BT Smart Audio baby monitor and the BT Smart Home Cam 100 sync with a smart phone app.