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Polycom Conferencing

liGo Instead of the traditional long table meetings, business conferences and assemblies are now being conducted at the top of your desk. Suffice it to say, for one to attend a board meeting nowadays, a conference phone is all he needs.

Polycom conferencing provides solutions to such requirements. It makes meetings over the phone effortlessly natural, from a small office cubicle to the largest of meeting rooms. Polycom's patented Acoustic Clarity Technology is what makes sound clarity possible-even during simultaneous conversations and regardless of the size of the room. With impressive microphone range and sensitivity, conference calls are made loud and clear, allowing you to hear every agendum as if you're meeting the whole group face-to-face.

With Polycom's innovative technology, collaborating with your business associates is made more convenient. From desktop to large auditorium systems, from wired to wireless, from analog to digital to IP networks, from audio to video, Polycom has the solution that will take your business communication to greater heights.

How would you like to experience lifelike meetings with your business associates who are outside the country while you're in the confines of your home office? Or conduct a meeting with the board members of your company without the hassles of wearing a business attire? Polycom conferencing is in the business of making these possible.

Experience all these and more with Polycom conferencing systems now.
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