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BT Phones

liGo From the world's oldest communications company comes state of the art phones, designed to fit your specific needs. From classic corded phones and elegant wireless ones, from good old walkie talkies to soon-to-be-launched video phones, BT has been known for its commitment in making your everyday communication devices more functional and convenient to use.

How would you like to answer your calls without lifting the handset? Or to receive messages even when you're away from your desk? Or take calls even while running towards your next meeting? BT Phones can make all these possible. After all, technology and innovation is central to BT's business, as it leads a whole generation towards an era where every communication undertaking can be made possible.

With BT Phones, your business operations are not the only ones being taken care of, but your relationships too. You save time, money and effort, and by doing so, you get to have more room to value social responsibility and more time to invest in your relationships. Think longer talk time with your son who's away in boarding school. Or quality moments with your wife while driving to work. Or cooking for your husband while keeping in touch with an old college friend.

More than technological quality, affordability and innovation, BT cares about YOU.
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