Repeater Registration For Panasonic (and Non-Gigaset) Phones

repeater registration

Repeater Uses?

A Repeater is a small and ingenious device that allows you to boost the cordless phone signal throughout your property by pairing with your current phone system. This comes in useful if you find issues with the range of your current cordless phone set.

Pairing a repeater should only take a few minutes of your time. If you have more than one repeater then repeat the steps in the video below to register each device.

How To

Here is a quick video to show you how to set up the device when pairing it with a panasonic phone system. These instructions should work similarly for most makes and models of non-gigaset phones

For Gigaset phones please see the companion article here, for repeater registration on Gigaset phones.

For this video we are using the RTX repeater available here.

For more helpful videos visit


  • mark says:

    i have a repeater but cant pair it, i have followed your video but the red light just keeps flashing. Do you have any idea what is wrong with it.


  • Michal Prochon says:

    If you’ve already tried to set-up your repeater unsuccessfully, please reset it by plugging it in for 5 seconds, removing for 5 seconds, plugging it back in for 30 seconds, and then removing it. If the cordless phones are repeater compatible then after you’ve reset it try following the steps here. Should this fail to resolve the issue you can contact our customer services for further support.

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