Plantronics CS500 Wireless Headsets: Our top choice for office workers

Plantronics CS500

Plantronics have been the serving the needs of office workers the world around; so if you’re in the market for Wireless Headsets then we would point you in the direction of their latest range, which strikes a perfect balance of style, comfort, and of course sound quality. Introducing the CS500 range:

Plantronics CS520

Light and ergonomic in its design, the Plantronics CS520 is a binaural headset for those who need to block out completely the bustle of a busy office environment. The stylish leatherette ear cushions not only add a touch of class; it also makes the CS520 extremely comfort to wear (of the utmost importance for anyone who has ever had to wear a headset for hours at a time –a s attested to by our own call centre team!). The headset further benefits from a decent noise-cancelling microphone, which filters out background noise so that the whomever your speaking to can only hear you.

Plantronics CS520

There is also a monaural version of this headset available –  the Plantronics CS510 – for anyone who prefers or requires just one earpiece.

Plantronics CS530

The CS530 is an over-the-ear wireless headset, so is the ideal solution for anyone who takes calls intermittently (easier to slip on and off) or simply prefers this wearing style. It has a slightly shorter battery life (6 hours continuous talk-time as opposed to 9 hours on the CS520, and 7 hours on the CS540) but boasts the same high sound quality thanks to enhanced DSP technology, and the integration of advanced Wideband audio. And as with all of the headsets in this range, the CS530 provides a reliable wireless range of up to 120 metres.


Plantronics CS540

The CS540 is the lightest DECT headset on the market at only 21g; and replaces one of the bestselling Plantronics headsets – the CS60 – as a versatile convertible headset. Ideal for contact centres looking to buy wireless headsets in bulk; the CS540 has the ability to suit the wearing preferences of many as it can be worn over the head, over-the-ear, or behind-the-head.

Plantronics CS540

All of the headsets in the Plantronics CS500 range are hookswitch and handset lifter compatible so can be set-up for remote answering. They have been made to work with the majority of desktop phones, however, you should always double check compatibility before ordering. If your phone is not Wireless Headset compatible, explore our full range of headsets to find a solution that matches your requirements.

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