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After many (many) months, Which published the results of their cordless phone tests. It raised a few eye brows, but not many. On the whole it was almost what we expected, even though there were a couple of surprises in there. As ever, Panasonic got rave reviews but this issue saw for the first time the emergence of Siemens as a top (if not the top) brand for cordless phones.  Below are some of the phones we like most.

Siemens Gigaset SL785

We say:

Words can’t describe just how good this phone is. Firstly lets start with its beautiful metal exterior and its gorgeous TFT QVGA display. It really is stunning (reminicint of the Blackberry Bold mobile phone) and is by far the closest thing we’ve seen in a home phone that resembles a top quality mobile. Packed with an array of useful features, this stunning phone is now the no1 seller in Europe (only 3 months after release).

Guide price:

Single handset: £89.99
Twin handset: £149.99

Siemens Gigaset S685

We say:

The Gigaset S685 is another top phone from Siemens. Its a very good phone and rightly voted a best buy. But why buy the S685 when you can get the C475 AND cheaper?

Guide price

Single handset: £59.99

Twin handset: £89.99

Siemens Gigaset C475

We say:

Spot on. A gem of a phone and an absolute bargain. Set to be the best selling phone in the coming months and rightly so. The Siemens Gigaset C475 delivers in all the right areas. Undisputed number 1 best buy from Which. If its in your price bracket, don’t touch anything else.

Guide price

Single handset: £49.99

Twin handset: £79.99

Panasonic KX TG 5522

We say:

A very good phone indeed. Not as pricey as Which indicates. Shame its lacking the sim card reader or at least bluetooth to quickly transfer name and numbers from mobile (as with Siemens Gigaset range). But none the less, one of the best phones from the Pansonic range.

Note the trio is called the KX TG 5523.

Guide price

Single handset: £39.99

Twin handset: £59.99

Panasonic KX TG 9150

We say:

A terrific phone from Panasonic. Easily the best sound quality we’ve come across from their range but it’s too expensive and is now over a year old. The wiser choice would be to buy the Siemens SL565 which is around the same price but is a far better product.

Guide price

Single handset: £84.99

Twin handset: £139.99

BT Reveal

We say:

Disagreed I’m afraid. This a poor offering from BT and has already proved to be quite unreliable. It’s an uncessarily big handset without being ergonomic. Features are limited and buying extra handsets are nion impossible. Buy at your own peril.

Guide price

Single handset: £112.99

Twin handset: £199.99

Panasonic KX TG 6422

We say:

A very good phone indeed. If you want a no nonsense but high quality phone, then this is a safe bet. We found sound quality on the speakerphone to be excellent if not, one of the best on test. Great value for money indeed.

Guide price

Single handset: £44.99

Twin handset: £54.99

Panasonic KX TG 6461

We say:

Agreed, Panasonic make excellent cordless phones. Terrific combination of corded and cordless. Whats more, you can add more cordless handsets as desired. What is there not to like.

Guide price

Single handset: £49.99

Twin handset: £69.99

Those were the best buys from Which? report. Naturally Which doesn’t always get it right so we’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you purchased a phone recently you think is worth of a best buy or do you think the above merit their tag?


  • colin lake says:

    what has happened to model a165 single phone? currys only have triple or double they tell me

  • Brian Willcocks says:

    Having bought a set of 5 BT Synergy phones, I discovered how truly awful they are. Poor battery life (but with very inconvenient instructions how to condition the batteries). Unreliable behaviour and poor range. Complicated.
    So I joined ‘Which’ in order to check out what they recommend. Oh, dear, the Synergy phones are in their recommended list and stated as having good battery life. So I have ignored BT and bought some Panasonic jobs. Remind me to cancel my ‘Which’ sub.


    Some months later, and the Panasonics are superior in every way. KX-TG7305E. Best I’ve had since the old Ascom days.

  • Vicki says:

    I need your help?
    Looking for a duo set (one upstairs & the other for downstairs)with the downstairs one corded if possible(to stop loosing it) and It needs good sound as I’m a bit hard of hearing sometimes, also would like SIM facility, have.good range and answer phone facility

  • Brian Willcocks says:

    Vicki’s entry of 13 Nov 2009 has just arrived in my email inbox. Bit late, Which! The admin end is still suspect: they took three weeks to tell me they could not collect my monthly D/D then I was away for a week and they chopped me.
    Good luck, Vicki – hope someone came up with a good answer.

  • Michelle says:


    I’m looking to buy a phone which will allow me to turn the ringer and answerphone to silent so I can see a client without the phone ringing and them hearing the message being left. Any recommendations please?

  • James says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Best phone that I know which does that is the Siemens Gigaset SL785. You can set both the ringer off and switch on call screening on the voicemail. So someone calls you, the phone will just flash so you can see someone is calling and when they leave a message, you can hear it. Hope that helps. Heres a link to the phone:


  • John Fearon says:

    Can you please recommend a phone for me? I need at least two handsets, if one can be corded so as not to get lost that would be great. The range would need to be good. I would like to have a decent number of rings permissable before the answerphone kicks in, to give us a chance to get to the handset. I like the idea on using bluetooth/sim card to transfer numbers, but not essential. Looks are important (aren’t they always) – the best design I have seen is the Siemens Gigaset 590, in white. Finally, I would like to be able to call and talk between handsets, if poss. That’s all!


  • Brian Willcocks says:

    The Panasonics and Siemens should all do the trick…if you mislay a handset you can use the intercom facility to ring it and find it that way.
    Don’t touch Synergy (see above).

  • Maryon Avery says:

    Update: the latest edition of Which? (Oct 2010) carries a “Test Lab” piece on cordless phones on the basis of which I ordered one of the best buys from IiGo yesterday – Siemens Gigaset A585. Awaiting its arrival …

  • Robbo says:

    I need a really good speakerphone – which model will giev me best two-way mic & speaker performance…?

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