LiGo quick start guide: Pairing Sennheiser VMX 100 Bluetooth headset to mobile phone

Quick Start Guide_VMX100

Step 1: Make sure your headset is switched on


To switch on the headset, just open the microphone boom. Make sure the headset is placed close to your mobile phone.


Step 2: On your mobile phone, start a search for Bluetooth devices (see the manual of your mobile phone) and follow any instructions displayed on your mobile phone display.


Once your headset is detected by your mobile phone, select ‘VMX100′. When the Bluetooth connection is successfully established, the headset is identified as ‘VMX100′ in the mobile phone’s display.

When your mobile phone prompts a keyword, enter the default PIN number ‘0000′


  • Darren says:


    To Pair the Sennheiser VMX100 headset with your mobile phone; As you open the mic you also need to push down on the bottom button on the side of the earpiece and hold this down (at the same time as opening the mic) until the light flashes red and blue alternating.

  • brian says:

    Just paired the vmx100 with my htc evo.

  • Alexander says:

    Thank you Darren!!! I was getting frustrated on it! HA worked like a charm the first time after reading your block of instruction.

    Just to add in, as soon as your phone and BT is paired the red and blue witll then change to just a flashing blue. Thats to confirm youre paired!

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