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This year we’ve seen the emergence of Siemens and Panasonic as clearly the best brands for cordless phones. But with an abundance of choice, we wanted to bring you the best of the best. We tested each phone for best sound, durability, styling, features and much more.

Here they are, the best cordless phones to have graced us in 2014.

Best Brand: Siemens

A great year for the german company, Siemens have produced a fantastic range of home cordless phones, namely the Gigaset range. With 2 years guarantee on everything and top notch quality, you almost feel sorry for the other brands. Panasonic are hot on their heels though.

Highly commended: Panasonic

Best all round phone: Siemens Gigaset SL785

Words can’t describe just how good this phone is. Firstly lets start with its beautiful metal exterior and its gorgeous TFT QVGA display. It really is stunning and is by far the closest thing we’ve seen in a home phone that resembles a top quality mobile. Packed with an array of useful features, this stunning phone is now the no1 seller in Europe (only 3 months after release). If you have the cash, this is the best home phone ever made – we can’t emphasise this enough. Great sound/build quality, fabulous looks, a host of features and the best speakerphone we’ve come across in a cordless phone. If you’re looking for the best, then look no further – you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

Highly commended: Siemens Gigaset S795

Best looking / stylish phone: Siemens Gigaset SL400a

The slick and super sexy Siemens SL400a received virtually all the votes in our most desirable home phone poll. With its understated iphone ‘esc feel, it’s clean lines and shiny surface, it resembles a mobile phone rather than your typical boring home phone.  With its solid polished cradle, this beautiful handset will sit proudly in any living room.

Highly commended: Jacob Jensen T10

Best sound quality phone: Panasonic KX TG 8622

Very tough one but this top selling phone from Panasonic (their latest model), just pipped the chasing pack. Siemens also boast an excellent sound quality especially with their new HSD technology. It was a difficult decision but we felt the Panasonic had a slightly punchier sound on the speakerphone. Make no mistake though, there’s little to choose between Siemens and Panasonic on this.

Highly commended: Siemens Gigaset range of house phones

Best for range: Panasonic KX TG 6722 Long range phone

There were a handful of contenders for the top honour here. Again, it was Panasonic and Siemens leading the way with their long range phones. The Panasonic varients are cheaper and you can certainly have more boosters for your money. If you want to spend that bit more, then you’ll probably get a better all round package with Siemens. The Panasonic KX TG 6422 long range phone is a great package with nearly twice as much range as most other phones.

Highly commended: Panasonic KX TG 8622 long range cordless

Best for features: Siemens S795

The Gigaset S795 has come up trumps again. Cram packed with more features than a James Bond gadget, this takes home phones to a new level. Some of its features include: 1.8-inch TFT color display, vCards, large name and number directory, appointments alerts, vibration alert when on silent mode, syncronisation with outlook, voice activated dialling, voice announced caller ID, call conferencing and much much more. Just dont push the button at the top or it will fire deadly darts at your visitors.

Highly commended: Siemens Gigaset SL785


Best for business: Panasonic KX TG 7341

The successor to the Panasonic KT CD 240, this is ideal for any home or office. With its unique dialpad on the base unit and it’s many no nonsense features, can you afford to be without out it in your home office. Given the current economical climate, it’s also a bit of a bargain. Who said making business decisions was hard.

Highly commended: Siemens Gigaset S685

Best for the family: Siemens Gigaset CS3

This little gem is perfect for any family. With its lovely colour screen, choice of ring tones, SMS feature, screensavers, room monitor, keypad lock, handset naming, name and number directory and more. This excellent phone has great sound quality and will no doubt be a sure fire hit with any family. And probably one of the few bargains from Siemens.

Highly commended: Siemens E495


Best accessory: Jabra GN 9120 DG wireless headset

With 12 hours talk time, superb sound quality and up to 100metres of range, the 9120 DG is the perfect companion to any home cordless phone. No need to take the handset with you. Receiving calls on the headset is a doddle and you can be completely handsfree as you walk and talk (or just relax) using this fully wireless headset. To make calls, you still have to use the handse to make the call and then transfer it to the headset. At over £100, its not cheap. Is it worth it? If you make or receive a lot of calls, it will be a life saver. You can get it a bit cheap with several product bundles which include this headset.

Highly commended: Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets

Best new technology: Bluetooth

It’s widely available with most mobile phones and PC’s. But now,  you can enjoy this technology in some of the newer home cordless phones. Siemens is as ever the leader here and has incorporated this feature in its Gigaset phones namely the SL565, SL375 and S685 phones. So you can pair up a bluetooth headset for handsfree talking or even use it download data from your PC (or mobile) onto your home phone – nifty.

Highly commended: SIM card readers (Siemens E455 and several BT phones – yes we were surprised too)

Best ECO environmentally friendly phone: Siemens Gigaset E495

Siemens have done it again with a staggering 6th award. Surely they can’t have another year like this. The brilliant and clever E495 can at best reduce power consumption by just over 80%. Now if only every household had one of these, just imagine how much energy we would save each year. Have we said what a great phone this is?

Highly commended: Siemens S795

Best for hearing (hearing problems): Panasonic KX-TG 7180

For those with hearing problems, there’s little to choose from out there. it seems to be an area widely neglected. And the phone that are available, always don’t seem to not cut the mustard and struggle with volume/calrity. But 2008 saw the launch of a world first, bone conduction phone. How do these work we hear you ask. Well, quite simply when you put the handset next to your ear, it sends omits vibrations (which cannot be fealt so it feels like a normal conversation). These vibrations are then translated into sounds by your ear. This ingenious device means you will always hear the caller perfectly irrespective of any hearing issues. Genius. Add to that its bigger buttons, easy to read screen, build in answer phone, ease of use and you wonder why this phone isn’t the biggest selling thing this year. Maybe it needs a bit more attention. It’s not cheap, but mostly important, it really works! Our advice, don’t waste money on anything else unless its well out of your budget. You can purchase one here.

Highly commended: Siemens Gigaset E365

There you have it – the best of the best for 2014. Do you have a particular favourite you’d liked to have seen mentioned. We’d love to hear from you.


  • Elizabeth Noel-Jones says:

    I have hearing problems and therefore I need a telephone with exceptional clarity and volume. I currently have a B.T dect with digital clarity which I find quite good. In April, I bought from you, a Panasonic Digital Cordless Triple Pack which, quite frankly, I have found to be very disappointing indeed – I wonder which phone you would actually recommend for someone in my position.

  • J Fisher says:

    I too would like to know of a good cordless multi-set for someone with hearing problems. How about with big buttons too?

  • sam says:

    Hello to you both and thank you for your questions.

    Unfortunately, there are limited options at present for those with hearing problems. However, please see the below suggestion.

    Panasonic 7180 cordless phone

    This has received excellent customer reviews and use a new bone conduction technology to ensure that you always hear the caller clearly. It also has large buttons, a big display and an answering machine.

    If we can help further, please do come back. We would love to hear what you think.

  • daniel says:

    Hi Sam, why not extend the award list with the best phone for people with hearing problems?

  • sam says:

    After popular demand, the article has now been updated and includes a new section. If you have any comments, we would love to hear from you.

  • Tracey says:

    I was interested to read these comments. I wear hearing aids and have an Artone Bluetooth Loopset (ie a hearing aid neckloop) that I use with my Nokia mobile phone for work. Having read on the Which? website that the Siemens Gigaset SL565 has a bluetooth connection and also very good sound quality, I’m tempted to buy one to use at home with my neckloop. Has anyone any views on this (ie whether it will be compatible and what the sound quality would be like).

  • Elizabeth hawkins says:

    We want to buy adect phone that rings for a long time before the 1471 answer service cuts in. At presnt our Philips rings 7 times but we never seem to get there in time !

  • Dusky says:

    Loving the ‘Best for hearing’ category especially the sentence ‘How does that work I hear you ask’. Why not rub it in a bit more!!!! Classic

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