The conventional red phone box, a well-known sight on the streets of London, provided a fast and simple way for travellers to communicate. But as smartphones and other mobile phones continue to become an essential part of everyday life, thousands of these iconic booths have become redundant and consigned to waste dumps.

Different entrepreneurs have made various efforts to preserve the presence of these phone boxes, like SolarBox London that decided to experiment with installing solar panels and mobile phone charging equipment, so that users can get some extra charge on their mobile devices while on the move, using green energy.

Support for Popular Mobile Phones

The first of six Solarboxes was unveiled on Tottenham Court Road, featuring a green booth fitted with an 86cm roof-mounted solar panel. Inside, the box is equipped with different charging stations for the wide variety of mobile devices, as well as a screen that shows adverts. The solar panel can charge up to 100 devices a day, including Blackberry, Samsung, and iPhone 4, 5, and 6. The inside is also fitted with sensors that activate LED lights when it gets dark.solarbox_large

Opportunity for Advertisers

While commuters and tourists have an opportunity to charge their devices for free, companies have a new way to reach consumers via the screen that displays adverts as users wait for their devices to charge. There is no time limit as to how long one user can charge their smartphone, but it is expected that each person will take about 5 to 10 minutes, to get an extra 15-20 percent charge on their device.

More Booths in 2015

Out of the 8,000 unused phone booths in London, only one box has been installed, with 5 more to be setup in 2015. Considering that the battery life for most mobile phones is barely able to keep up with the needs of the modern lifestyle, installing solar power and renovating the unused phone boxes has provided a real solution while conserving the environment.

Whilst we hold our breath for the scheme to be rolled out more extensively, you can check out our interactive guide on how to save your Smartphone battery to get you through the day.